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Return to New Orleans!

I’m sitting here, Layover with Anthony Bourdain playing in the background as I write this. His show has really become a favorite of mine. Second only to Expedition Unknown.

Like Josh Gates, Anthony Bourdain celebrates culture. However, he does it through food, while Josh does it through legends. Both are travelers, explorers, intellectuals, and passionate modern historians. With awesome personalities.


Now why is this relevant to my blog post about New Orleans?

First, excuse me.



The first time I went to New Orleans was as a graduation present in 2011. I had my Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, the horizon looked endless, and I wanted to try something new.

Since Halloween 2010, I had really ramped up my interest in the paranormal. Thanks to Ghost Hunter’s Waverly Hills Halloween Special, I had, yet again, started researching into the things that go bump in the night. The things that still made my spine crawl at the possibility. Was that really a draft? Or was the door pushed by something else? What were ghosts? How do people investigate haunted locations?

I marathoned Ghost Hunters and continued my research into the paranormal field.

And then I came across Destination Truth, GH’s “sister show” with host — guess who — Josh Gates.


Yup. Actual quote there.

Long story short, both my interests in paranormal legends and travel were stimulated, as well as, distantly, my writing. Although, I will admit in the years between 2011 and the present, I was less inclined to write… and wanted to explore. After all, isn’t that what all post-college students do? Find themselves outside of the academic world in one way or another?

New Orleans helped me find myself. I discovered that there was a place in the world where people could be exactly who they wanted to be. That helps them discover it, in a place without judgement. In turn, watching all the eclectic, culture-filled people that live in New Orleans makes a person realize that the strongest criticism — the one we listen to and fear — is inside of ourselves.

New Orleans is… just so hard to describe. Seriously. Maybe, in fact, that’s the perfect description of the Southern Culture Hub. Jackson Square is always packed with a combination of tourists and street performers, mystics and shoppers. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can catch a traditional wedding party leaving the St. Louis Cathedral. There’s music everywhere and people dance to it… just because they’re moved to.

DSC02109 DSC02112

(Those are pictures I took in 2011)

But I’m also excited for the people I’m with to experience New Orleans. My brother, Camille, and Dan. As far as I know, they’ve never been there. (If my memory serves correct) And I’m really excited for Dan to experience his first major travel. He’s only had car trips before… so flying and New Orleans is going to be a completely different world for him.

I’m excited to return. To see New Orleans in a different light. New Orleans helped me become myself. The Wondering Writer who isn’t afraid to jump in the deep end.

So… take your breath… here we go.


A Long Overdue Blog Recap! PHEW!

First, GOOD LORD. Has it really been a month since I last updated my blog? Really? I mean, REALLY. Wow.


Well, all right then. Jeez. I’m sorry you guys.

I was hoping that I could get back into a routine after Easter, and I kind of did. However, I let other things slide. Like my YouTube channel and this blog.

Second, I did get to redecorating my website a bit here and there. If you look in the upper right-hand corner, there’s the sign up to follow my blog/website! And in the left corner, there’s now an email sign up for direct, first-hand news about everything that’s going on in my life! I mean, I’ll probably post it to my blog too. But the email is more personal, and I envision that it’ll be more entertaining too.

giphy (3)

Anyways. So, yeah. That’s something I’ve worked on.

Third, I’ve also been submitting stories to different magazines and journals. I have… I think… five out right now? No. Six. I have two poems sent to Blue Mountain Cards, two short stories over to Narrative magazine, one to Lamplight magazine, and another to Portland Monthly magazine.

OMG I AM SO PROUD! And hardly tired, weirdly enough.

Wait. No. Make that nine. I’m still waiting on my two submissions to Museum of Words and a story sent to a Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology.

200 (1)

Fourth, have I just been doing that? NOPE. I’ve also been keeping up with my Supernatural articles over on Fangirlish. And… I’ve been trying to keep my novel and my YouTube channel going too. But those have fallen a little behind, along with this blog.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this past month. Along with some other things in the works that I’m not announcing, just yet.

Fifth, this week I’m planning on posting a new [kind-of] Kate/Optimus fic. It’s really going to be a one-shot of my friend’s OC meeting the Autobots. So it’ll be a little tiny jump into the future of Bayverse.

I’ll also be posting a new YouTube video about my paranormal experiences investigating Hill View Manor way back in 2011.

All of those will be coming this weekend!

I’ve decided that my Social Media “schedule” will look more like this:


Basically I’m moving all my “big releases” to the weekend. So expect content galore!

Sixth, instead of posting EVERYTHING I’ve written or filmed this past month, I’m going to link to my Videos and Fangirlish pages so you can browse the content yourselves. Okay? Ok! Hah!



And, finally, FINALLY, FINALLY, the last bit of something I wanted to share with you. For me, it’s a time of change right now. This song has been playing on the radio as I’ve made some pretty big decisions this week (will hold off on the news for this post). And I found it truly inspiring for anyone who’s feeling down about their dreams and abilities. I hope it is as uplifting to you as it is to me.

Have a great week and I will see you all in the next adventure!