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New YouTube Video: 87th Oscars — NPH is hosting! OMG!

Welcome, Ladies and Gents to Oscars weekend!

Okay, I’ll admit: I haven’t been paying attention to Hollywood in these recent months, so I have NO IDEA what to expect for the Academy Awards! Which is… kind of refreshing. However, I am VERY excited to see Neil Patrick Harris is hosting! This has been a long time coming!

Want to see why? Check out his AWESOME opening credits from the 2009 Emmy’s, “Put Down The Remote”:

A few other things I’m excited to see:

1. Big Hero 6 is nominated for Best Animated Film.

2. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is up for Best Sound Editing.

I doubt The Hobbit will get Sound Editing, as the contenders include American Sniper and Interstellar, but I really hope Big Hero 6 gets Best Animated. It was such an awesome movie to watch — and I keep re-watching it, too!

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