I’ll Be

I’ll Be – Transformers, Optimus Prime/Original Character

Description:  Part 2 of my Optimus x Kate series! Optimus Prime and Kate Forge are having a leisure-filled summer; in love, and loving that they’re spending so much time together. No Decepticons to fight and no school to attend! But responsibilities – both in the ongoing war and in an unexpected family announcement – will soon take over their lives and add new stress to their relationship.

Table of Contents:

Pro: Peaceful Summer Days
Ch. 1: Crazy Summer Nights
Ch. 2: Autobot Arrival 
Ch. 3: Meeting The Gang
Ch. 4: Explanations 
Ch. 5: Decepticon Deception
Ch. 6: A Little Break (MATURE)
Ch. 7: Spy Games
Ch. 8: Gimme Shelter
Ch. 9: I’ll Be
Ch. 10: Secret’s Out

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