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Weekend Recap: Goodbye Snow and Hello Spring!

Here’s a shocking thing: Yesterday (March 20th) was the first day of Spring.


Am I the only one who didn’t realize this? Probably. With my luck.

Hah. I went in to work yesterday and one of the managers asked if I worked today. “No, I work on Saturday.” I responded. “Tomorrow is Saturday.”


Yeah, yesterday was DEFINITELY one of those days.

This week has been an eventful one. I continued working on my novel and have my sights set on a couple of contests/journals I’m going to enter in the next couple of months.

This week I’m working on two stories: a Flash Fiction (a story under 1,000 words) and a “Fairy Tale Retelling”. I’m extending a short piece I wrote a couple of years ago for the Flash Fiction, and rewriting a Persephone story I wrote a while back for my mythology class at Otterbein.

I’ll post both of them on here, whether or not they get accepted. (But hopefully they do)

So far, I’m keeping up to my social media schedule, too. I revised it a bit, though, putting Supernatural posts on Wednesdays with Youtube (instead of Tuesdays).


Next thing to do is start posting my new Transformers and Morty’s Stories chapters. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Catch the other things I posted online here:


I’ll see you in the next adventure!


*insert dramatic stare a la 
Yes. It has begun again. 
The four year wait has come to and end. 
From June 12 to July 13th, 32 teams will be playing one-on-one, against each other, to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. My brother has always been a huge fan of this sporting event. I admit, in the past [approximately] ten years, I have followed this around more. And I’m looking forward to see who wins. 
I think I truly like this event, though, for two reasons: it is an activity that me and Rick can get excited and talk about (which isn’t a rare occurrence at all, just another brother/sis moment), and it connects the world. Internationally, in one common goal, which really should happen more often. 
Anyways, I’m excited!! Brother and I always root for Italy, then England and USA. Let’s see who wins! 
Check out the roster of teams below: 

Google Search: FIFA World Cup
Here’s FIFA’s website:

Rest In Peace Rik Mayall, you will be surely missed!

About 30 minutes ago I logged onto Facebook and received some alarming news: Rik Mayall had passed away at 56. JEEZ.

Catch the article here: Rik Mayall: Comedian And Actor Dies Aged 56

He may not be a Robert Downey, Jr. or Johnny Depp level of celebrity but I liked everything I ever saw him in. He was a fantastic actor (and I suspect ad-libber). I first noticed him in Drop Dead Fred, a movie about a woman who starts seeing her imaginary friend everywhere she goes. And guess who played him? Rik Mayall. It’s actually quite a good movie, despite the ratings, and I still enjoy it to this day.

This is actually my most favorite scene from that movie:

One day I will ABSOLUTELY re-create this. With a group of friends. (I CLAIM FRED! *determined glare*)

But when I first saw him, technically, was in The Princess and the Goblin as Froglip. Well, it was animated, so I heard his voice. Froglip was the Prince Goblin who was cruel to everyone around him. He comes up with the ingenious plan of kidnapping and marrying the Princess so that his race can live up in the sun, rather than down in the caves like they had been.

Here’s the scene:

Actually I think Froglip was the first villain in my movie-geek childhood that I actually considered a villain. Which… is kind of rare… for me. I didn’t consider him misunderstood or dangerously attractive or anything (like *cough* Loki *cough*) But just… evil.

And finally, I also LOVE this video of Rik as King Herod in the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar. (Also, bonus: Andrew Lloyd Webber *squee*)

Even though I haven’t seen the movies… I’ve only seen one live show, I think Rik does a great job. The scene really appeals to my love of the 1920s Flapper Era too. Kind of.

*sigh* It’s always hard when people pass away. But it’s a part of life. I seemed to grasp that at an early age. It’s not a disrespect to a person who passes away, however. It’s not like I’m thinking “Oh. That’s horrible. Oh well.” It’s more like I have a hope that I’ll see that person again when it’s my time to move on. That’s why I don’t dwell on the act of dying. Because, as one vessel is being put into the ground, the true spirit lives free from the constraints and troubles of life.

Not that life is a bad thing…

I’m praying for Rik’s family and friends in this time. And Rik himself. Although I didn’t know him personally, I feel like he’s in a great place with God. Rest in peace, birthday buddy (we shared the same month and day). You will be surely missed. 


So I decided to merge my other blog (From The Movies) with this one. I thought “Why should I really have these two separate?” They’re both part of what I love, and I can write about both me being a writer and loving movies here. Just makes it easier for everyone.

My writing is kind of crap this morning, btw, and I’m sorry for that.

I feel kind of sad getting rid of From The Movies. It was a great blog. And I loved the design. Eh… we’ll make it work.

Oh HEY speaking of design:

Any suggestions for designing this one? Do you guys like it? Or should I do something else?

Comment below! Thank you! Much, much love. *MWAH*

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Clip 1

This clip came out a couple of weeks ago. The day before my birthday, in fact. Aaaand…. ohhhh why is this movie two weeks away?? Anything that is Marvel related, I have grown to REALLY get excited about. Ever since I saw The Avengers a couple of years ago.

The reason why I went to see Avengers approximately 15 times in the movie theater was mainly because of Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the Norse God is… well, amazing is almost an understatement. God bless him, Kenneth Branagh, and Joss Whedon for turning Loki from a cackling villain.

I pretty much joined Tumblr after the Avengers because I wanted to actively be a fan, fangirling with other fans. Through that I have found the evidence for Tom and Ken changing Thor, and especially Loki into more of a Shakespearean tragedy, rather than a cackling one-dimensional villain. For example, this is used as evidence by many people, the original Thor script:

( See the complete script here: Thor Script )

Anyways, rant over. That’s just how I began as a Marvel fangirl.

NOOOOW however Marvel is in Phase 2. And while I really, really miss the summer that I went to The Avengers with my close friend a few times each week, I am really excited to see what the company does.

And Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the next installment.

(Bonus: filmed in Cleveland. I live two hours south of there. Man I wish I auditioned.)