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Let’s Go To The Movies!

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for most people, not necessarily for me, the constantly-overheated workaholic! Ha! But, I digress, I do enjoy walking outdoors, gardening, going to New Orleans (which is hilarious given my discomfort in heated environments), and, of course, the summer movies and TV shows! 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales and Wonder Woman have already premiered in theaters, so I’ve separated the trailers from the rest of the list:

Let me tell you, each of these movies were phenomenal in their own ways! I will admit I had some issues with Pirates, only, really, because they used Captain Jack as a comic relief instead of the eccentric hero he is. (You know, the line that’s drawn in the series: “Is Jack really lucky or really smart?”) BUT I completely, entirely, adore that they are continuing Will and Elizabeth’s story-line! I’m really hoping for a sixth installment!

Honestly, Guardians has been my most favorite thus far; I was thoroughly entertained and laughing throughout the movie! Especially at Drax! His straightforward phrases were perfectly timed and had me rolling in my chair!

Below are the movies I am looking forward to most this summer, with quick summaries as to why I’m looking forward to them. Of course, they’re not all the films premiering, but they are the ones that fit my taste and will have me first in line to catch a showing! Let me know in the comments which movies you’re looking forward to!

June 9 – The Mummy

I really am looking forward to this rendition, directed by Alex Kurtzman and starring Tom Cruise. The movie follow Cruise’s character, Nick Morton, a soldier, who somehow unearths a female mummy named Ahmanet, who proceeds to stalk him. Honestly there are so many things to be excited about. Honestly, there are so many things for me to be excited about with this movie!

First, Tom Cruise. I will always admire him; he does his own stunts, which truly is a feat given that he’s in action movies! Second, Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet. Lordy I love her in the trailer! I know I’m going to love her in the movie! (I’m also intrigued to see how they treat the Egyptian goddess’s mythology; will it be fictionalize or close to the established legends?) And third, of course, I know Alex Kurtzman to be the writer for Transformers, Sleepy Hollow, the J.J. Abrams’s Star Treks, and The Amazing Spider-Man. This will be the first movie I’ve seen directed by him, so I’m looking forward to what he can do!

June 23 – Transformers: The Last Knight


Ok. Now that I have that off my chest.

Honestly, I already know I’m going to have so much anguish about this movie. In part due to a fanfiction series I’ve been writing about Optimus and his human mate and I’m already having plot bunnies with how tortured they’re both going to be about this. I’m also praying to God that they don’t kill Optimus again. Remember that sixth sense I talk about, being a writer and movie geek? Yeah. I have a bad feeling about this movie and our beloved Autobot leader.

Still excited to see it though! (It will have to be delayed since I’ll be in New Orleans the weekend it premieres! AGH!)

June 30 – Despicable Me 3

I will always, always, always be excited to see my little joyful yellow Minions and their boss, Gru, get into trouble! Bonus: apparently Gru has a brother and wants to go on an evil adventure with him and his family! However, being the romantic sap I am, I’m just thrilled about seeing Gru, the girls, and Lucy Wilde further their development!

And for the Minions to steal the show!

August 7 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ok, guys. Don’t hate me for saying this: Spider-Man: Homecoming is the movie I am least excited for on this list. *holds up hands* NOW WAIT! Just because I’ve said that, it doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see it! Please, I’m always running to the theater for the latest Marvel movie!

Honestly, I haven’t given Tom Holland as Spider-Man much thought. Frankly, my heart is still mourning Andrew Garfield and his sass, and it probably always will. But, if anything is to be learned from the trailers and Spidey’s moment in Captain America: Civil War, I feel like I’ll enjoy Holland very much.

August 28 – The Dark Tower

Now this movie I know virtually nothing about. I have The Dark Tower and am hoping to read the first novel, at least, before this premieres. But, first, it’s Stephen King. It’s one of King’s most beloved stories. (My uncle, a man of great taste, is super thrilled for this adaptation.) And, second, Idris Elba. Need I say more?

Again, let me know in the comments which summer movies you’re most excited for, whether they’re ones on this list or others! And don’t forget, fangirls and fanboys, about the Fear The Walking Dead season three premiere, tonight at 9PM on AMC!

Fic Completed: All That We Need In Our Lives

I’ve just posted the final chapter to All The We Need In Our Lives! I’m so proud of this fic, and the development it has gone through. Not to mention, I’m excited that I’ve completed a story; it has truly been too long!

For those of you new to my fanfiction adventures, this story is the beginning of a series featuring the love of my original character (Kate) and Optimus Prime. It’s a crazy idea, but I’m happy for how it’s turned out! Plus, it gives me a good chance to practice up on my writing when I’ve hit a block in my own original stories.

Of course, disclaimers need to be issued: I don’t even pretend to own Optimus Prime or the Transformers series (Bayverse or otherwise). I’m just a lowly fangirl putting some practice into her writing and following through with a neat concept I came up with in high school, when the first movie came out in 2007. I’m very pleased with all the feedback it’s gotten and I’m looking forward to continuing the series come the new year.

Thank you all for checking out my story–whether you’re long-time fans or just curious! More’s to come!

Here’s the link to my fic: All That We Need In Our Lives 

Optimus and Kate came to a clearing where the starlight flowed over them. The base was still in view of the couple, but they were alone. It was private. Optimus set her down and transformed.

The warm blue eyes of his holoform met hers. She smiled at him, and he wiped her tear away. He gathered her into an embrace. And, suddenly, it was only about them. Only about what was happening now. There was no war. There was only Optimus and Kate.

Optimus touched her chin and pulled her closer to him. She sucked in a breath as she looked into his eyes. They were sparkling in the starlight, almost illuminated. They held a fierceness in their depths – one that spoke of love, and want. She was sure her own eyes reflected the same. She could feel it in her body, in her soul. She wanted this. She wanted him. Only him.

Kate reached her hand to the back of Optimus’s head and pulled him forward. Their lips crashed together. She opened her mouth immediately, letting him brush his tongue against her own. Her body pressed against his. The sensation was almost overwhelming: tasting him, feeling him against her, it made her head float. His hands ran up her back, under her shirt, touching her bare skin. She moaned and pressed herself even tighter against him.

“More…” She gasped between kisses.

Optimus groaned and lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him. They continued kissing as he carried her to the Peterbilt. He pressed her against the side of the semi, they moaned as his erection brushed against her heat.

“Optimus…” She whimpered.

He held her with one arm and wrenched the door open. They lifted each other up the steps and into the cab. Kate steered them into the back seat. She remembered Optimus holding her after her nightmare. He had always been there for her.

Optimus peeled off his shirt and climbed over her. Her hands immediately went to the new territory. She spread them over his chest. Her thumb brushed over where his heart was and he sucked in his own breath. He looked down at her, his pupils dilated.

“What?” She tilted her head, brushing her hand over the spot again.

He groaned. His hips pressed into her heat. She moaned herself.

“That’s… my spark is… in my true form… ” He breathed, sucking on her neck. She gasped.

“Is that… a tender spot?” She grinned, rubbing his chest a third time.

He responded by taking her hands off his chest and holding them above her head.


He brushed his lips against her own. He reached down and lifted her shirt, looking at her to make sure it was okay.

“Yes.” She whispered.

Her shirt and her bra met their fate on the floor of the cab. Pants, shoes, socks, and underwear immediately joined them. Kate and Optimus were revealed to each other – body, mind, and soul. In every way a person could be. They both raked their eyes along the other’s body. Neither one self-conscious, neither one nervous. Because this is exactly what they wanted: they loved each other, and trusted each other. Nothing would ever change that.

“You’re beautiful.” Optimus murmured.

He trailed his fingers over her form. He brushed his fingers down her neck, over her collarbone. She watched him as he watched his hands. He cupped her breasts and leaned down to kiss each one. Her back arched. The ache in between her legs deepened. All her mind was focused on, was there.

“Optimus! Please!” She whimpered.

He grinned up at her and chuckled. His right hand stayed on her breast, his mouth nipped at her left nipple. His hand brushed down her abdomen. Over her belly button. Making a line straight towards that ache.

She bucked her hips when his hand reached her hips. His fingers brushed her lower lips. It set the ache into a roar. She gasped. He licked her nipple again. And her back arched. Her eyes fluttered shut.

“Please!” She pleaded with him.

He hovered over her neck, and nipped at it, as his finger delved into her folds. Kate took in another breath as his digit slid into her, calming the ache. But his thumb slid against the upper part of her folds, and ignited the ache again. She moaned loudly at the feeling. She briefly remembered other girls her age talking about this place. A… “nub” they called it. Her hips bucked up at him as his palm pressed into her heat.

“Oh… God!” She let out. She let her right arm fall to the seat. She raked her nails against it, in sheer ecstasy.

And as soon as the sensation was there, it was gone. She whimpered and opened her eyes.

“Optimus!” She whined.

“Need you. Now.” The Autobot leader panted.

He lifted Kate, adjusting her hips as he positioned himself at her entrance. It was only then that she showed nerves. Would he fit? Would it hurt? What if something went wrong?

He looked at her and saw her expression. “Kate, if you don’t want to…” He trailed off.

She put a finger to his mouth and met his eyes. “I want to. I’m just – I haven’t done this. Ever.”

“I’ll be gentle.” Trust me.

Kate smiled as he entered her mind. I do.

He slowly pushed into her, allowing her to stretch. Kate breathed heavily at the pain she felt. She wrapped her arms around him. She groaned into his shoulder as he pushed further in. Steadily, consistently, he pushed himself – not too fast, not too slow, never to hurt Kate. He was all the way in. And he stopped.

Kate’s breathing slowed as the pain dulled. Optimus waited patiently, not moving. Not until any sign of hurt had vanished from Kate’s expression.



He pulled out slowly. Kate’s discomfort gave way to pleasure. A tension began to build in her abdomen. He pushed in and she gasped. He looked at her, concerned. But chuckled deeply when he realized she wasn’t gasping due to pain, but the exact opposite. He pulled out again, leaving himself in her just a little. He leaned down to kiss her, and pushed quickly back in. Kate moaned loudly at the friction. Her hips lifted to meet his. Their kiss deepened. Optimus’s speed picked up. Kate matched his pace.

Her legs started to shake. She could feel her inside tightening even more. Optimus broke the kiss and buried his face into her neck. This… this was not like anything he had experienced in Cybertron. The mating there was more… formal. This? This was raw emotion. Feelings. Sensation. Intimate.

Kate threw her head back, stretching her arms above her to grab the seat. She dug her nails in. And Optimus roared. Kate came with a whimper, Optimus quickly behind her. She swore she could even feel the truck itself shudder with the power of their release.

Both breathed heavily. And laughed. Their minds were free. Free of any worry, any fear. Anything other than the both of them – at that moment – becoming one.

I love you, Optimus Prime. Kate grinned.

“I love you too, Kate Forge.”

Chapter 16 – All That We Need In Our Lives

Chapter 16 is up! Along with some new fanart from

Pic #3:

Transmissions are in bold/italic
Speech + Tranmissions are in “bold/italic”

Chapter 16: No Sacrifice, No Victory

Megatron bellowed above the teens. He threw Optimus against a building, and then grabbed the Autobot leader again. “You still fight for the weak that is why you lose!”
Blackout landed nearby, stalking towards Optimus. The leader threw a punch at Megatron, only to have one reciprocated.
Rocks and dirt clattered into the hole as the bots grappled with each other above. Kate and Sam shielded their faces from the debris. The Allspark was still safely tucked in Sam’s arm. Kate looked at it curiously. And then gasped. She remembered Optimus talking to Sam, and the promise he made to the Autobots earlier that day.
“Sam, what did Optimus tell you?” She shouted at her friend urgently.
Sam looked at her, and then at the Cube. He bit his lip.
“You’re not going to like it…” He trailed off.
Sam jumped as more debris landed on them. He looked up at the battle, momentarily forgetting Kate. But she wasn’t forgetting. She didn’t even wince.
“He made you promise to shove the Allspark in his chest, didn’t he?”
“I—uh…” Sam evaded the question.
Kate grabbed Sam by his jacket. She ignored the slight rip it gave out. She was furious. Furious at Optimus for breaking his promise. Furious at Sam for going along with it.
“DIDN’T HE?” She bellowed out.
Sam shrunk visibly as Kate eyed the Allspark.
Then, without thinking, she grabbed the Cube from Sam.
“Well I won’t let him!” She yelled out.
A soldier yelled out “Run! Move!”, although his voice didn’t entirely sound afraid. It had a mix of triumph in it.
Kate halted in everything she was doing. Her mind ceased to worry. All she noticed was the faint blue glow coming from the Allspark itself. That seemed to have started as soon as she touched the Cube. And it was growing.
Oh… no… She thought.
“Kate?” Sam whispered. He reached out, gently touched her on the shoulder.
The blue light flashed. It issued in a wave from the Cube, and into Kate. All within seconds. Sam shielded his eyes from the blast.
As quickly as it came, the light faded. When Sam looked at Kate, she was lying on the ground, unconscious.  
Wake up, darling.
The shrill ping of a monitor slowly brought Kate’s awareness back. But her mind felt scrambled. She remembered climbing into the hole with Sam, the fear of losing Optimus, and then the rest was blue, then white, and then black.
And now there was the beeping.
“Is this a dream?” She winced at the sound of her voice. It was hoarse, hollow.
Voices erupted in laughter. A female voice let out a sob. A few people clapped. A couple males cheered. Kate cracked her eyes open, only to shut them again. She felt nauseous. Disoriented. She blinked her eyes and allowed them to adjust. She was in a white room, laying in a bed with white sheets. God, there was so much white. It hurt to look at it. But she didn’t care.
Her face broke into a grin at the two teenagers and four holoforms standing around her bed, lined up right next to each other. Sam and Mikaela hovered over her left, in front of the windows. Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Optimus stood at her feet. And Ratchet hovered over her right.
Her eyes lingered back to Optimus’s. Her eyes watered when she saw him. He was alive. He was fine.
She tried to raise herself into a sitting position, only to have Ratchet push her back down.  
“Eh! Not on my watch, young lady!” He scolded.
“Aw, Ratchet!” Kate whined. The group laughed.
“No you’re not! You’ve just woken up! We still need to run some tests—”
“No ‘but’!”
Kate’s eyes pleaded with the Autobot leader’s. His blue eyes shone with amusement. He was the only one who could talk a little sense into Ratchet. Maybe.
“I cannot help you, little one.” Optimus laughed. Kate huffed.
He sat down on the bed beside her. Her hand automatically folded with his.
“What happened?” She asked. The room grew quiet. All eyes turned to Ratchet.
“From what Sam described, it seems you triggered something in the Allspark.” Ratchet began, “That when you grabbed it, it shot out an energy into you.”
Kate stared at the medic. He hovered over her and Optimus. The Autobot leader played with Kate’s hand, and stared at the bed.
Ratchet’s brow furrowed. He pushed his glasses back on his nose.
“I think it sensed your loyalty to us. Your love for Optimus. For the Autobots. For Cybertron. And part of the power of the Allspark found a home within you.”
Kate’s face flushed. “So… what does that mean? I get superpowers?”
“I don’t know, Kate. Maybe yes, maybe no.” He rambled, “Personally, I don’t think so. At least, you won’t get any extra powers beyond what you’re already capable of. A human body couldn’t handle the whole power of the Allspark: it would rip you apart.”
He paused when Kate winced and looked down at Optimus’s hand.
“I think the Allspark… fixed you.” He continued.
Kate looked up at him again, confused. “I don’t think I was really all that broken, Ratchet.”
“Not to say that you were, not really. But, see, like this way: you’re able to communicate with us telepathically. When you’re closer to the Allspark, you can pick up on our feelings and urges. And the same happens with the Decpticons: you recognize them by sight, and you can sense them. But you didn’t know how you could do this. You couldn’t command the visions, the urges, the senses. Somewhere inside of you, there was a part that wasn’t connecting with the powers you had. And when the Allspark saw that in you, it took part of itself and fixed it. And then it disappeared into the stars.”
Kate bit her lip. She thought about what Ratchet had said. Was she truly able to control her powers now? Her heart leapt, excited and a little nervous, at the prospect of being the Autobot’s secret weapon against the Decepticons.
Ratchet reached down, and rubbed Kate’s forearm, comforting her. “Once you rest up a bit, we’ll test exactly what your powers can do.”
Kate nodded at Ratchet. She felt light. Even though it was good news, it was still a lot to handle. Exactly, how different were her powers going to be?
It turned out that Kate had been unconscious for three days. Three days since Megatron died in Mission City. Three days that the Autobots and the US government had been in talks together. Three days that an abandoned military base in California had become the Autobot headquarters.
It honestly didn’t seem like it. It only seemed like a few hours. But, no.
Three days.
During that time, Optimus had sent out a message to other Cybertronians that supported his cause. His race had been scattered to the stars. And he had invited them to come to Earth, to come to shelter, to protect the inhabitants of their new home.
The Autobots weren’t going anywhere. But, neither were the Decepticons.
Kate had woken up in the Autobot medical bay – complete with Autobot-sized recovery rooms, and human-sized. Thankfully, Kate had a private room to recover in. But she kept the door opened anyways for any visitors. She at least had an Autobot, Mikaela, or Sam popping in every day. But Ratchet and Optimus never left her side.
Except that one time that Ratchet had threatened Optimus with a wrench – shaking it at him and ordering the commander to eat something and recharge.
It took three more days before Kate was fully recovered to Ratchet’s satisfaction.
Day 1: her balance and stamina were tested. Ratchet’s jaw about fell on the floor when she literally jumped out of bed and ran around the hallways. Her endurance actually increased! No longer was she the teenage girl about to collapse after running a mile. She felt like she could run twenty and hardly break a sweat!
Day 2: Ratchet tested her powers. They carried on a conversation together, mentally, just like always, but Kate’s powers extended beyond that. She could pinpoint where each Autobot was on the base, accurately, and within seconds. Ratchet theorized that if she continued stretching her mind, she could pinpoint every Decepticon on the globe.
But that would be saved for another day.
Day 3: Ratchet ran a few more tests. He tested Kate’s heart, her brain, her strength. All seemed in perfect condition. He finally let her leave the medical bay, with the promise that if anything felt strange – anything at all – that she was to immediately come to him.
“I promise, Ratchet.” Kate smiled up at the medic, in his Cybertronian form, “Thank you for everything.”
He backed away from her. Transformed. And within seconds, the medic and the human were enveloped in a hug. They stayed like that for a few seconds. And in those few seconds, Kate realized that Ratchet was kind of like a father to her. That she loved him – but not in the same way that she loved Optimus. Ratchet was family. The Autobots were her family.
They were standing in Ratchet’s office – where the doors of the medical wing intersected with the rest of the building. It was the only way in or out of the med bay. Ratchet wouldn’t have it any other way. Outside those doors were Mikaela, Sam, the Autobots, and the part of the military that were now like family themselves to the Cybertronians. Mikaela and Sam spoke highly of two officers: Epps and Lennox. Kate couldn’t wait to meet them.
The two broke away, and both had to wipe a tear from their eyes.
“I love you, kid. I’m glad you’re okay.” Ratchet patted Kate’s shoulder. He cleared his throat and turned away.
Kate turned herself towards the doors. She heard the sounds of Ratchet quickly transforming and walking to his desk behind her. In front of her, she watched as the silhouette of her love, of Optimus, kneel down and offer his hand to her. She climbed on without question and held on to his thumb as he raised himself to his tall height.
“Come with me, Sweetspark.” He murmured.

Link to this chapter:

Link to beginning of fanfic: 

Chapter 15 – All That We Need In Our Lives

Chapter 15 is up! Also check out goddammit-starscream’s fanart over on Tumblr of Optimus and Kate:


Pic #2:

Transmissions are in bold/italic
Speech + Tranmissions are in “bold/italic”

Chapter 15: Rooftop Gymnastics  

Kate and Sam raced up the stairs, taking them two, maybe three, at a time. Megatron was hot on their tails. Their hearts raced. Sweat caked their shirts. They both gasped for air with each new step. Their ears could hear the sounds of gunfire out on the streets, the yells of the soldiers, the terrified screams of civilians who got in the crosshairs. Kate wondered how many people might have died. How many of the Autobots. She wondered if Optimus was still safe. If he would reach them in time. Or were they on their own?
They wrenched open the door to the roof, momentarily blinded by sunlight. Kate and Sam paused to slow their breathing. But the victory of reaching the roof was short lived when they felt the building vibrating under their feet. They looked at each other fearfully. They could hear the helicopters approaching the city.
“Move!” Kate screamed.
Optimus, please hurry! She yelled frantically.
She followed Sam across the rooftop and almost groaned out at the ladder they had to climb to get to the other side of the roof. Sam climbed the ladder without hesitation, Kate followed quickly. Sam was gasping out incoherent words now. Kate was too focused on the intense burning in her chest. She felt faint in the sun, but she pressed on.
I’m running every day after this. She groaned. She kept her eyes trained on Sam’s back, which was receding further and further from her. She was slowing, Sam was keeping his pace up. Gym class had never been her strongest subject.
“Hey! Hey!”
Sam ignited his flare as he ran through a corridor.
“Hey I’m over here! We’re over here!”
Kate slowed, a bit, relieved. She took a deep gulp of air. The shaking under their feet had subsided. Kate nodded her head, forcing herself to run faster. She reached Sam as a helicopter raised itself near the edge of the roof. He threw the flare to the ground and held out the Allspark.
Finally. Safety!She praised whoever it was that was watching out for them right now. They could escape from Megatron. She could reunite with Optimus. The Autobots won! The Allspark safe! Mission complete!
“Watch out!”
Kate’s heart plummeted, her relief shattered, as Sam screamed out to the military men. There, on a neighboring rooftop, was Starscream. He fired at the helicopter, his rocket made a whistling sound as it neared the group.
“Missile!” One of the men yelled out. But it was too late. The projectile hit the tail of the helicopter. It started to veer towards the teenagers, out of control. 
“Sam!” Kate shrieked. She pulled him to the ground and shielded him.
Both teens screamed as the rear blades of the helicopters passed overhead.
“Optimus!” Kate screeched out.
“I’m coming, Kate! Hang on, Sam!”
Kate’s heart leapt as she heard the Autobot leader’s voice. Not only in her mind, and heart, but also with her ears. He was close.
But the praise was, again, short lived. Kate felt a vibration in the rooftop. It had started again. She pressed her hands to the concrete. It was stronger than last time.
“Run!” She yelled at Sam.
He nodded, wrenching himself off the ground. She followed after him. But… there was nowhere to run. The roof around them exploded. Every escape possibility cut off.
“No! No!” Sam yelled. Kate grimaced. Her breath came in panicked gasps.
They both backed up to the edge of the roof. In a moment of desperation, Sam climbed up and pressed himself against one of the statues. Kate stood, frozen to the spot. She didn’t know what to do. She looked, with wide eyes, up at the Decepticon leader who towered over her.
“Kate…” The mech growled, “Nice to finally meet Optimus’s femme.”
She gasped. Her senses came back to her. She backed away from Megatron, only to trip over a steel beam that was lying on the ground. The mech laughed maliciously. Kate’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment and rage.
“Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling?” He asked. Whether to Sam or to Kate, or both, the humans didn’t know.
His red optics shone over Kate’s quivering form. She grimaced and turned from him, using the edge of the roof to raise herself to her feet. The roof vibrated as Megatron’s stepped closer to the two humans. She was completely exposed, vulnerable. He could do anything to her, and she, most likely, wouldn’t survive it.
“Give me the Allspark and you may live to be my pet.” He continued.
Kate wrenched herself up. She glanced over the edge of the rooftop, and saw that there was no escape. No ladders, no stone ledges or open windows she and Sam could fall into. Nothing. Just alleyway. Pavement. Concrete. They would not survive this.
Sam shouted out, he almost lost his footing. Kate’s gaze shifted to him, only to be stopped by movement in the corner of her eye. Her eyes snapped to the source and her heart soared.
He looked up at her and caught her gaze. She swore she could see his optics shining with mischief. He nodded his head towards Sam’s unknowing form. She looked at the human boy, who was completely unaware that Optimus had just positioned himself to catch him. Kate turned and faced Megatron, who had been staring at the helicopters passing by. He had not heard Optimus climbing the building. He had not witnessed Kate’s change in body language. He was completely oblivious to what was happening.
She almost laughed in triumph.
“I’m never giving you this Allspark!” Sam shouted at Megatron.
She looked over to Sam. But he stared defiantly at Megatron, his gaze didn’t waver. Megatron looked back at the humans.
Oh he’s going to kill me. She thought, wincing. Megatron looked at Kate as she moved to Sam’s side.
We’re never giving you the Allspark!” Kate reached up and gripped Sam’s elbow tight.
“Oh, so unwise.” The mech smirked.
Kate and Sam sucked in a deep breath. They watched, their eyes wide, as Megatron raised his clawed hand into the air. And slammed it across the rooftop. Debris scattered. The teenagers were launched into the air. They screamed as they hurled over the roof and into the alley. The air rushed around them as they fell.
Then, suddenly, the air stopped rushing. Kate groaned and looked at the roof. They had only fallen—maybe 20 feet?—but her body groaned as if it had been a hundred. She screamed and shielded herself as a large cement stone hurtled towards her head. But it was stopped by a large metal hand. She arched her back and smiled at her love. 
“Thanks, Optimus.”
She had landed square on Optimus’s windows, miraculously they weren’t shattered. But she would definitely be hurting in the morning.
“You are welcome, Kate.”
Meanwhile, Sam babbled incoherently as Optimus deposited him next to Kate.
“I’ve got you, boy.” Optimus reassured Sam.
He moved his hand to cover both Kate and Sam. His mouthplate slipped back into place.
“Hold on to the Cube!”
He let go of the building. He let himself fall. Sam held onto the Allspark, Kate took another deep breath. She could see, through Optimus’s fingers, debris falling as he grabbed for support on the two buildings. It was a rocky fall, but Kate knew she was safe.
That feeling of safety was broken as Megatron grabbed ahold of Optimus. He lurched, free falling to the ground. Kate yelped. Sam yelled. Optimus groaned. The inside of his hand held them firm, but they still quivered. It felt like they were in an earthquake.
And then it was over. Optimus opened his hand. Kate sat up and gaped at her surroundings: the city was in shambles. It was recognizable, yes. But in complete disarray. Cars were crushed, windows of buildings shattered, cement and metal littered the streets, and a great big hole… a hole… that reminded Kate of her dream.
Optimus and Sam spoke behind her, but she didn’t pay attention. All she could think of was Optimus’s lifeless form, his vacant optics. She brought a hand to her mouth.
No.  She thought. It was just a dream.
But she couldn’t shake the sense of foreboding she felt. She jumped when she felt Optimus’s finger run down her spine. She turned and looked at him.
He brought his finger to her chin, his eyes raked over her form. He knew immediately that she had been thinking of the dream. He could see the worry in her eyes. Megatron was stronger than him, built better. Yes, he was the Autobot leader, but his foe was a large challenge. Literally. He prayed for Primus to look after his love, if he didn’t win. If the Allspark took him. He was thankful for the time he had with Kate. He would love her forever.
Kate kissed the Autobot’s finger. God, she prayed, please let him win. She had faith in her love. She knew he could win. She wouldn’t look at the facts, she wouldn’t worry. She would always trust in him.
“I love you.” Kate whispered.
“I love you too. Get behind me.”
Kate and Sam moved off of Optimus, just as Megatron rose himself.
“It’s you and me, Megatron!”
They looked for cover behind Optimus. Sam ran towards the only one: the hole.
“No, it’s just me, Prime!”
Kate hesitated. She took a breath and followed.
“At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.”
There was no other way.

New Video Posted: Autobots Charge

Basically, long story short, I was writing this scene in my Transformers fanfic and listening to Fallout Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”.

My brain went:

So, thusly, I present my favorite scene in Transformers (2007) to Fallout Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”.

I did not film the scene, and I do not own the song. Obviously. All credit goes to Hasbro, Michael Bay, everyone associated with Transformers, and Fallout Boy. THIS IS PURELY A FANVID. No profit intended.

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7 days later–okay 7 years later–And I’m still loving Transformers

Way back when I had graduated high school, I saw the first Transformers movie. I had heard of Michael Bay here and there, I had seen… parts of Armageddon and had loved The Island. I had JUST seen the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings movies conclude their trilogies. And I was looking for something new to love.

And then I saw a trailer about giant robots.

And I was hooked! The trilogy quickly became one of my most favorite series, ever.

(I did know about the toys and original TV show, thanks to my brother, but I had yet to actually dive in to the fandom.)

Fast forward seven years and I see this come up on my laptop one night:

Honestly I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: THEY’RE RELEASING A FOURTH MOVIE!! I screamed so loud that I think I woke up my whole house!

One of my most favorite characters throughout the Transformers series is Optimus Prime. And in this movie, his character changes. No longer do you see the calm, quiet, fair leader. You see an extremely pissed off Autobot. And let me say: when Optimus Prime is pissed off, you better duck for cover. It’s worse than anything Megatron could ever do.

(Not that Optimus would harm innocents, he’s still good. Very good. But… wow.)

Click below for my mini-rant about a specific scene in the movie. I put it under the spoilers, just in case.


Background: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlburg) sneaks a camera into KSI, a company that has been building Transformers. When Optimus, Bumblebee, Hound, Crosshairs, and Drift see this footage–which is of Ratchet being melted down–they go on a rampage through KSI.

Okay, and the scene: Optimus is standing in front of Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) very angry. Actually, he’s pacing. His gun swinging by his side. Stanley Tucci is trying to protect his factory, his merchandise, and confronts Optimus and the Autobots. He basically says to them that: “Don’t you get it? We don’t need you anymore.”

But this is the dialogue that really gets me:
Joshua Joyce: “Why don’t you tell itchy fingers here that this is all the spoils of war? Dead metal. Innovation. What we do here is science. Because if we don’t do it, somebody else will! Because you cannot stop technology.”

At this point, Optimus just LOSES IT, charging Joyce and kicking something at a window, that then shatters. He yells: “WE ARE NOT YOUR TECHNOLOGY!”

It actually kind of breaks my heart. The world in this movie is so screwed up, so ungrateful to the Autobots for saving them. After the credits roll in Dark of the Moon, basically, Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) steps into the limelight saying “We need to get rid of these Decepticons” And then… he decides to slaughter the Autobots too.

Just… aggggghhhhh… so many feels.

Check out "All That We Need In Our Lives"

Hey guys!

In addition to writing my novel, I have started a fanfic as a de-stresser, I guess you could call it.

Check it out here:

All That We Need In Our Lives

Here’s the summary:

“Optimus Prime receives a strange transmission when he thinks all hope is lost for finding the Allspark. He discovers it is from the mind of a sixteen year old girl, Kate Forge. Together, with the Autobots, Sam, and Mikeala they must find the Allspark, defeat the Decepticons… and Kate and Optimus must confront their feelings for each other. During Transformers 2007. Optimus/OC”

So go check it out!! It’s a taste of my writing, but not an original story. It’s a Transformers fanfic.

For those of you who may not know what a fanfic (short for fanfiction) is, it’s defined as: “Fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.”

It’s something I’ve always done, and plan to continue doing. As an outlet. Although I have had ideas ever since I was a pre-teen, I’ve never published my ideas. And now, I am.

So enjoy!