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Ghost Hunters Casting

So speaking of Ghost Hunters, on Friday, May 30th, there was some big news hitting Twitter. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are leaving the show (Announced on this article: “‘Ghost Hunters’ Co-Stars Amy Bruni & Adam Berry To Depart, Develop Paranormal Series”)

At first I was really upset hearing this, and especially really upset at all the speculation that was going around about Jason feuding with them (mainly, I think, because of Jason’s tweet here: “Big difference between ‘Bowing Out’ and ‘Impossible Demands’…”)

Now I have absolutely no idea what this means on a personal level. Like all things in the world of television, a certain amount of privacy is to be expected. It’s their personal business what goes on behind the scenes. But I think this was more a shot at the studio and producers than at Adam and Amy. Especially after looking at their explanations for leaving.

See Adam’s here: “In light of an article that came out yesterday…”

And Amy’s here: “In light of some information that came out yesterday…”

I think it was just time for them to move on. That they were wanting to pursue other things and the filming schedule was just too demanding for them to continue. Amy has a little one that she would like to spend more time with, Adam has his theater company and other interests beyond the paranormal.

And Britt Griffith announced that he was also leaving the show on Saturday, May 31st to pursue his interests in filmmaking and acting.

See Britt’s explanation here: “A bunch of you are asking me if I to am leaving…”

I don’t see anything hostile or any fighting going on between these three and the show or Jason. I think that Adam, Amy, and Britt are all just choosing to go separate ways. Adam and Amy said that they were still going to be involved in the paranormal, going off to film for a show with Chip Coffey. And Britt, I’m sure, will still keep up with the tech side of the field too. I always enjoy seeing his new gadgets (the rem-pod, shadow detectors, etc). I wish them the best futures imaginable, and the same for TAPS.

(BONUS: Dustin’s coming back for a couple episodes!!! YEEEESSSS!!!)

Right around the time that these three were announcing their departures, Pilgrim Studios released a casting call for Ghost Hunters, looking for a new paranormal investigator. Let me tell you: I put my application in without a second thought!! (Put yours in here: Producers of the Ghost Hunters Franchise Looking For a New Paranormal Investigator)

Buuuut in light of reading Adam and Amy’s posts about demanding schedules, I’m not sure that I want to join the group. I mean, I would give ANYTHING to be best friends with TAPS and Josh Gates, getting to know them and investigate with them from time-to-time, but I have my writing to worry about. Midwest Writers is coming up on July 23rd and my brother’s wedding is on September 6th. It sounds like Pilgrim Studios wants someone to dive straight in to the filming schedules. I might be willing to do that if I could negotiate these two commitments…

A part of me is hoping I never get an email. Not that I’m expecting it because, let’s face it, probably 5,000 people have applied by now. I hope that someone who wants to dedicate all their time to the paranormal will get contacted. I love the paranormal, learning new things about it, and investigating, but it seems more like a hobby to me than a yearning desire to do it professionally. My true desire is in my writing and especially Angel.

My plan right now is to finish up my submissions to Midwest Writers and to continue pounding out chapters until July 23rd comes around. The only time I would stop would be if I got contacted by Pilgrim Studios. But I’m not anticipating it. Life goes on and I wish whoever gets to be cast with the Ghost Hunters THE BEST ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE EVER.

As for me? I think mine’s waiting at Midwest Writers and with Angel.

What about you guys? Are you going to enter? Leaving questions and comments below!!

*runs off to write*

UPDATE — Also please check out As A Side Note (to Ghost Hunters Casting) for more ranting on the subject of writing and worrying. Really I just hate waiting for news sometimes.



“What have you done?” you may ask.


Oh. Wait. No. Just kidding.


A.k.a. this:

That’s my bedroom, btw, and I love it very much. Most of my things, especially books, are located here. A writer’s paradise!! 
Bonus: a friend just alerted me on Facebook that I look like I’ve lost weight. Huh. Funny how those things happen and I wasn’t paying attention. 
I’m-a go write now before work. 
Oh. Also. Note to self: I should not be irritated by the random things that keep me from staying locked in my room, in my pjs, all day. Things like voting and work are important, just like the hobbies I like to keep. As long as I get a little time to write, it’s ok. Life is life, and life is spontaneous, and an adventure. I also like helping people and sharing my brain (not literally, though, ew) so that is why I go vote, and why I work. Also money is a need, unfortunately. 
Also: I DIDN’T KNOW THAT GIFS WORK ON THIS SITE. Or… I should’ve known. ’cause Google is amazing. Oh… this is going to be fuuuuun!! 
‘kay. Going to finish chapter 3. Almost at 10,000 words. WOOT!! 

Hellllloooooo May!

So far May has been an amazing, truly wonderful, month. I took part in a voice recital yesterday, successfully singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and making A LOT of people cry. MWHAHAHA!! Though… I almost broke character because of this. Apparently my subconscious wanted me to triumphantly laugh in the middle of the song. Twice. I got a huge compliment yesterday too, something I’m still reeling from!

Really the only SMALL annoying thing about May is that I still have this wart on my foot. Aaaand I broke down and bought some Compound W today. The clear nail polish wasn’t doing it fast enough. Man, I hate this stuff. HAAATE. But it works. By eating a hole in your foot. Which I can feel now. TMI. Ew.
And I’ve decided to attend the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie, IN in July. I CAN’T WAIT. I just hope I get my manuscript done before then. Hello nerves. I missed you. (Not really)
Though did they really leave? Because I’m meeting Josh Gates in less than two weeks. And THAT is freaking me out.
Seriously. I am finding the inability to breathe.
Seriously. Life is too amazing right now, with it’s wonderful possibilities. I just… hope… it all works out. Please, God. Please.

Time To Get To Work!

Today I’ve been working on my book, yes. And I’ve made great progress. *sigh* I wish life didn’t get in the way though. That’s what I REALLY miss about being in college, and kind of regret not taking advantage of when I was first starting to work on my book three years ago. Yes I had a senior project due in my final year at Otterbein, BUT in the reality of things, even with other assignments, I could’ve easily finished my book and maybe had the kind of life that Veronica Roth has now with Divergent.

But then, THEN I think of all the wonderful people I’ve met through my day jobs. First there was my weekly newspaper here in Wooster where I mainly worked with my editor. Even now, almost three years later, I still see her as such a fantastic person. She was completely understanding when I decided to make a move towards a job with a more predictable schedule, so I could get my novel finished… though she did encourage me to stay at first. Said I had a great talent (which I am so glad she said that!)

Also, bonus: that job officially gave me professional writing experience, and since my first article I have been FINALLY able to label myself “professional writer”.

And then there’s my current job that I am so thankful, so thankful of the people there. It’s a retail job, and I can’t say any more than that due to the associate’s handbook or something like that. You know, just in case. But I think we should be able to say something positive about the wonder in our lives. Ah well.

The people at this job are what absolutely make the job. Honestly I love them to death. And while we don’t get paid nearly as much as we really should (IMHO–“In My Humble Opinion”, for those of you who are unfamiliar. It took me a while to figure that one out. *facepalm*)… we’re a real family. We look out for one another and enjoy each other’s company in one of the hardest businesses out there. Seriously. Retail is haaard.

It will take A LOT for me to ever leave that place. Ever.

That A LOT, I hope, will come in this year. This book I have been working on is a beauty. I am so proud of it. So, naturally, I am taking time to blog about it, rather than write about it. Writing is haaard too. A very disciplined practice that I seem to lack mastering as of right now. But I’m on my way. This beauty is going to help me:

I am basically using a completely different calendar specifically for my writing. What I aim to work on. Every. Single. Day. Even if it’s a little bit. On average I’m giving myself no less than three days to work on  a chapter. I do expect that calendar to shift around here and there, some chapters will be faster, some will be slower. But, hey, it’s a visual guide. And a visual motivator. Because my personal goal to get this draft done is coming up in June, so I need a visual. 
Yup. *nods* I think it will work. Now time for me to get to work. Chapter 3, here I come. 
It’s funny how the smallest things in life brighten a person’s day: a makeshift calendar, a smile from a friend at work, or a casual conversation with a complete stranger. 
Life is beautiful.