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Honest to God, I loved this conference. Man, it’s been SO LONG since I was in a writer’s workshop. Literally, I haven’t gone to one since college. Three years ago. And I discovered that I was really out of practice with some writing techniques. So I re-learned some new and old pointers (for example: passive vs active sentences and avoiding “to be” words) and I got to socialize + network with some very talented people. Writers, agents, and otherwise.

Aaaand…. I pitched to an agent. Haaaahhhh… I was so nervous. But she was SO ATTENTIVE AND KIND. Annnd… yeah. I’m working really hard to finish my book. Because. Things happened.

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I also decided that I’m going to build an official website and send out a… bi-monthly newsletter. I believe. Still planning.

All of this will come to fruition after Nashville next weekend. *pinches nose*

If there are any writers out there looking for a warm, welcoming, helpful, affordable, and FUN conference… CHECK OUT MIDWEST WRITERS. I really suggest it. It’s… just amazing.
Click here for more information: Midwest Writers
Tomorrow I begin my loooooong four hour trek home.
I will catch you all back in Wooster!
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So I decided to merge my other blog (From The Movies) with this one. I thought “Why should I really have these two separate?” They’re both part of what I love, and I can write about both me being a writer and loving movies here. Just makes it easier for everyone.

My writing is kind of crap this morning, btw, and I’m sorry for that.

I feel kind of sad getting rid of From The Movies. It was a great blog. And I loved the design. Eh… we’ll make it work.

Oh HEY speaking of design:

Any suggestions for designing this one? Do you guys like it? Or should I do something else?

Comment below! Thank you! Much, much love. *MWAH*

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