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Hello Spring!!

There have been some AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Spring developments here at the Mortimer house (affectionately titled “Monte Azul” by my mom). Through this blog I will probably be posting about nature-type-stuff too, in addition to my novel and… just random things. Yeah, nature will be another one of those random things. Considering I live in the middle of a forest.

If you live in one of those, and love it, and want to always be there, how can you not love nature? (Things about nature I DO NOT LOVE: wasps, yellow-jackets, spiders, deer flies, ticks, mosquitoes. Honey Bees and can stay. They’re cute and fuzzy and help things grow.)

ANYWAYS sorry. Speaking of cute and fuzzy, some landscapers here pointed out that we have BABY OWLS LIVING IN A DEAD TREE in our ravine.

Yes. You read correctly. CUTE. BABY. OWLS. BAAAABIEEES. Omg.

Literally my reaction:

A few days earlier I had come from a… *sarcasm is evident* wonderfully wonderful day at work *end sarcasm* … and I saw two black birds chasing one of our resident owls around the ravine (there are two, used to be three) and trying to fight them off. I drove up to the edge of the ravine, stopped my car, got out, slammed the door, and made as much noise as possible verbally and physically to get them away. The owl landed and looked at me. Kind of grateful but cautious at the same time.

“There you go. You’re okay.” I said to the owl and drove up to the remaining 20-ish feet of our drive to the house.

Fast forward to yesterday where my mom calls me on the phone on my way to work.

Mom: “Katie! Katie! The most amazing thing has happened!!”

Me: *alarmed* “What Mom??! Oh and by the way, thank you for the mini-heart attack.”

Mom: “Katie, you are truly Mother Earth! You were protecting the owls babies when you chased off the black birds!”

Me: “WHAT??! We have babies??!!”

And I proceed to fangirl and annouce it on Facebook.

So, naturally, today I want to share all the pictures I could get of these ADORABLE baby owls! Mom says that they’re a good luck charm, and I believe that’s true. We could use it after the winter we’ve had!

One of our full-grown owls. The momma or papa?

I took this from our drive to show you how far it is.

Bonus: here’s a video of the baby owl’s calling to us. The first two “OOH-OOH”s are my mom, and the baby’s call comes in the third time (at around 00:39), right after our dog, Ollie, shakes his collar and walks off. It will be very quiet as it’s a far distance so you may need to turn up your volume or put on headphones.


(EDIT: (5/9/2014) I realized I uploaded the video as a picture, which is why it wouldn’t play. FIXED IT!!)



“What have you done?” you may ask.


Oh. Wait. No. Just kidding.


A.k.a. this:

That’s my bedroom, btw, and I love it very much. Most of my things, especially books, are located here. A writer’s paradise!! 
Bonus: a friend just alerted me on Facebook that I look like I’ve lost weight. Huh. Funny how those things happen and I wasn’t paying attention. 
I’m-a go write now before work. 
Oh. Also. Note to self: I should not be irritated by the random things that keep me from staying locked in my room, in my pjs, all day. Things like voting and work are important, just like the hobbies I like to keep. As long as I get a little time to write, it’s ok. Life is life, and life is spontaneous, and an adventure. I also like helping people and sharing my brain (not literally, though, ew) so that is why I go vote, and why I work. Also money is a need, unfortunately. 
Also: I DIDN’T KNOW THAT GIFS WORK ON THIS SITE. Or… I should’ve known. ’cause Google is amazing. Oh… this is going to be fuuuuun!! 
‘kay. Going to finish chapter 3. Almost at 10,000 words. WOOT!! 

Hellllloooooo May!

So far May has been an amazing, truly wonderful, month. I took part in a voice recital yesterday, successfully singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and making A LOT of people cry. MWHAHAHA!! Though… I almost broke character because of this. Apparently my subconscious wanted me to triumphantly laugh in the middle of the song. Twice. I got a huge compliment yesterday too, something I’m still reeling from!

Really the only SMALL annoying thing about May is that I still have this wart on my foot. Aaaand I broke down and bought some Compound W today. The clear nail polish wasn’t doing it fast enough. Man, I hate this stuff. HAAATE. But it works. By eating a hole in your foot. Which I can feel now. TMI. Ew.
And I’ve decided to attend the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie, IN in July. I CAN’T WAIT. I just hope I get my manuscript done before then. Hello nerves. I missed you. (Not really)
Though did they really leave? Because I’m meeting Josh Gates in less than two weeks. And THAT is freaking me out.
Seriously. I am finding the inability to breathe.
Seriously. Life is too amazing right now, with it’s wonderful possibilities. I just… hope… it all works out. Please, God. Please.

Time To Get To Work!

Today I’ve been working on my book, yes. And I’ve made great progress. *sigh* I wish life didn’t get in the way though. That’s what I REALLY miss about being in college, and kind of regret not taking advantage of when I was first starting to work on my book three years ago. Yes I had a senior project due in my final year at Otterbein, BUT in the reality of things, even with other assignments, I could’ve easily finished my book and maybe had the kind of life that Veronica Roth has now with Divergent.

But then, THEN I think of all the wonderful people I’ve met through my day jobs. First there was my weekly newspaper here in Wooster where I mainly worked with my editor. Even now, almost three years later, I still see her as such a fantastic person. She was completely understanding when I decided to make a move towards a job with a more predictable schedule, so I could get my novel finished… though she did encourage me to stay at first. Said I had a great talent (which I am so glad she said that!)

Also, bonus: that job officially gave me professional writing experience, and since my first article I have been FINALLY able to label myself “professional writer”.

And then there’s my current job that I am so thankful, so thankful of the people there. It’s a retail job, and I can’t say any more than that due to the associate’s handbook or something like that. You know, just in case. But I think we should be able to say something positive about the wonder in our lives. Ah well.

The people at this job are what absolutely make the job. Honestly I love them to death. And while we don’t get paid nearly as much as we really should (IMHO–“In My Humble Opinion”, for those of you who are unfamiliar. It took me a while to figure that one out. *facepalm*)… we’re a real family. We look out for one another and enjoy each other’s company in one of the hardest businesses out there. Seriously. Retail is haaard.

It will take A LOT for me to ever leave that place. Ever.

That A LOT, I hope, will come in this year. This book I have been working on is a beauty. I am so proud of it. So, naturally, I am taking time to blog about it, rather than write about it. Writing is haaard too. A very disciplined practice that I seem to lack mastering as of right now. But I’m on my way. This beauty is going to help me:

I am basically using a completely different calendar specifically for my writing. What I aim to work on. Every. Single. Day. Even if it’s a little bit. On average I’m giving myself no less than three days to work on  a chapter. I do expect that calendar to shift around here and there, some chapters will be faster, some will be slower. But, hey, it’s a visual guide. And a visual motivator. Because my personal goal to get this draft done is coming up in June, so I need a visual. 
Yup. *nods* I think it will work. Now time for me to get to work. Chapter 3, here I come. 
It’s funny how the smallest things in life brighten a person’s day: a makeshift calendar, a smile from a friend at work, or a casual conversation with a complete stranger. 
Life is beautiful. 


So I decided to merge my other blog (From The Movies) with this one. I thought “Why should I really have these two separate?” They’re both part of what I love, and I can write about both me being a writer and loving movies here. Just makes it easier for everyone.

My writing is kind of crap this morning, btw, and I’m sorry for that.

I feel kind of sad getting rid of From The Movies. It was a great blog. And I loved the design. Eh… we’ll make it work.

Oh HEY speaking of design:

Any suggestions for designing this one? Do you guys like it? Or should I do something else?

Comment below! Thank you! Much, much love. *MWAH*

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Clip 1

This clip came out a couple of weeks ago. The day before my birthday, in fact. Aaaand…. ohhhh why is this movie two weeks away?? Anything that is Marvel related, I have grown to REALLY get excited about. Ever since I saw The Avengers a couple of years ago.

The reason why I went to see Avengers approximately 15 times in the movie theater was mainly because of Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the Norse God is… well, amazing is almost an understatement. God bless him, Kenneth Branagh, and Joss Whedon for turning Loki from a cackling villain.

I pretty much joined Tumblr after the Avengers because I wanted to actively be a fan, fangirling with other fans. Through that I have found the evidence for Tom and Ken changing Thor, and especially Loki into more of a Shakespearean tragedy, rather than a cackling one-dimensional villain. For example, this is used as evidence by many people, the original Thor script:

( See the complete script here: Thor Script )

Anyways, rant over. That’s just how I began as a Marvel fangirl.

NOOOOW however Marvel is in Phase 2. And while I really, really miss the summer that I went to The Avengers with my close friend a few times each week, I am really excited to see what the company does.

And Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the next installment.

(Bonus: filmed in Cleveland. I live two hours south of there. Man I wish I auditioned.)

Oscars 2014 Recap: Pizza Party and Selfie


Apparently Ellen Degeneres had the pizza delivery man on her show yesterday. Take a look:

For those who might have missed what went on, something I’ve personally dubbed the “Oscars Pizza Party” happened sometime during the live awards show.

Ellen started out asking if the actors in the audience were hungry. It seemed that they were. At this point I thought Ellen was just joking about ordering pizza. BUT a few awards and a commercial later, this happens:

Honestly I have always respected Ellen from afar. I have always thought she was a great woman, and kind to those who were around her. Especially when it was an average person. She invited celebrities onto her show, yes, BUT she also invites normal people: the average, hard-working, person that probably had to call off of work to appear, or get a friend to sub their shift.

I think this is amazing. That she brought that element to The Oscars. That she had an average pizza man walk into a room with some of the most prestigious actors, actresses, writers, and directors in the world. And what did they all do? Eat. Pizza. As if it was a slumber party! Amazing.

Ellen single-handedly showed the world that celebrities were just like us. Yes, they might like to get dressed up and celebrate each other at a fancy awards show, but they would welcome pizza too!!

Another wonderful moment of the night was the famous “selfie” (which I mentioned in my previous post):

Hah! I just think that’s fantastic!

Catch the moment here: