All That We Need In Our Lives

All That We Need In Our Lives – Transformers, Optimus Prime/Original Character

Description: Optimus Prime receives a strange transmission when he thinks all hope is lost for finding the Allspark. He discovers it is from the mind of a sixteen year old girl, Kate Forge. Together, with the Autobots, Sam, and Mikeala they must find the Allspark, defeat the Decepticons… and Kate and Optimus must confront their feelings for each other. During Transformers 2007. Optimus/OC
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – [Optimus Prime, OC]

Table of Contents:

Prologue: A Transmission
Chapter 1: Meet Kate Forge
Chapter 2: Bumblebee and Nightmares
Chapter 3: Comfort
Chapter 4: Barricade
Chapter 5: Fight and Flight
Chapter 6: Optimus’s Arrival
Chapter 7: Lost  and Found
Chapter 8: The Witwicky’s
Chapter 9: Sector Seven
Chapter 10: Road Trip Nightmare
Chapter 11:  Comfort and First Kiss
Chapter 12: Allspark Found
Chapter 13: Race to Mission City
Chapter 14: Electrifying Choices
Chapter 15: Rooftop Gymnastics
Chapter 16: No Sacrifice, No Victory
Epilogue: All That We Need In Our Lives

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