Waking to a New World

Plain and simple, today was awesome! I’ve been finding myself saying that ever since I’ve started working in a bookstore and–more crucial to my own career objectives–since I’ve finished my official office. (Check out my Writing Den Tour video over on YouTube to see this beautiful Creativity Wonderland for yourself!)

But today was awesome for another reason entirely.

There was a specific moment this afternoon where I opened the door at work and listened to the crowd cheering a block away on the downtown square. Our little town of Wooster had come together in an act of solidarity with the rest of the United States to march. Every now and then a car’s horn would honk, presumably, in appreciation of the women, men, children, and even animals who gathered in the square.

People  gather in Wooster’s Square for their own women’s march.
People used the sidewalks to express words of encouragement and frustration.

Now, I will readily admit I wasn’t 100% sure of the true intentions of this march, but, for me, it was more than a peaceful protest against Trump; it was an act to show that we all support one another, no matter who may be running office right now.

And that’s the cool thing about America.

Yes, Trump has officially been sworn in. For four years, this man has control of the country and it’s damn scary. We don’t really know what this unqualified businessman will do. Will he make good on his noncommittal promises, or if will he sit there quietly, soaking in his narcissism?

Honestly, when it comes down to it, all of that doesn’t matter. We’ve had presidents in office before who sucked, whether we were alive for it or not. Who knows? Maybe Trump will surprise us all and turn out to be good for this country. Maybe he won’t be as anti-foreigners as we feared.

But what really matters is who we are as a country and how we act. Like President Obama says in the featured image of this article: “Be the Americans we need you to be.” We are all in this together. No matter who governs this country, it is us who have made it a home and us who keep it going. We always need to be our best selves and make this country great again.

Donald Trump doesn’t make America great, WE DO!! 

All of this post can be surmised in one tweet written by Obama:

Come on. Let’s change America–heck, the world–together.

We have the power!

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