My Election Reflection; PERSEVERE!

Honestly, I thought this November started out pretty all right; NaNoWriMo was in motion, I was writing again, and I had a good job. Now, the middle of the month is a few days away and I don’t exactly know how to feel.

I’m not depressed, just uncertain.

I think that’s how a lot of America feels right now.

A few days ago America found out who would be the next President of the United States for four years. Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I was truly hoping for Clinton. Not only would she have been our first female president, but she agreed with how America had been developing for eight years and had worked closely with the Obamas. I think, therein, was the problem; the traditionalists of America wanted someone different than Obama, so Trump won the vote.

The past couple days I have truly been sick to my stomach–whether from something I ate, anxiety, or a combination of both, I can’t really figure it out. But my stubborn optimism is starting to shine through. Who knows really if Trump will be a good President or not? He might surprise us and go back on a lot of the things he said in his campaign, once he’s in office and figures out how things work. Maybe his narcissistic personality will take a back seat and he will do his best for the American people.

Now, after the haze of fear and uncertainty has lifted from my eyes, I am encouraging myself to go by Hillary’s words: “We owe Donald Trump an open mind and a chance to lead.” So, I will do my best and give him a chance.

We should all do our best and be our best, always. All of us underdogs. Change won’t happen if we run away or slam others with hate, and if we put people down before they truly get the chance to show us what they’ll do. We need to embrace each other in unity and peace. Yes, there are those out there taking advantage of Trump’s presidency, fueled by the words from his campaign, but, truly, we don’t know what our President-Elect will truly do.

In any case, for those of you who are scared, I’m here. Message me. There’s a “contact me” link in the bar above. My social media links are to the left. I’m here. 

This is not the end, it’s a transition. We can do this!

I’m with you.

I love you all.


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