Media Mondays 17: Go, Ladies, GO!

Here’s a quick introduction, first, since I haven’t posted a Media Mondays video here on my blog before now.

What is Media Mondays?  Simple! It’s a series of Youtube vids where we can all join together and geek out about movies, TV, and pop culture! Bonus: I also put in weekly questions to stimulate discussions!

Check out the playlist here!

Without further ado, here’s Media Mondays 17:

Happy Media Mondays, fans! This past week’s media theme seemed to be all about women empowerment: Daenerys becoming Khalessi, Kate defending Castle, Jemma setting aside her emotions to save Fitz, and Amara being the big bad she truly is! What are your favorite strong female moments in your TV/movies?

This week’s Q: Do you think Chuck will survive in Supernatural? WHAT ARE YOUR FINALE PREDICTIONS?

Upcoming finales:
Tuesday: The Night Manager, 10P (ET) on AMC
Wednesday: Supernatural!! 9P (ET) on The CW

Movie premieres:
X-Men: Apocalypse
Alice Through the Looking Glass

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