Pre-OSR 2016!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Guess what I get to do tomorrow?

Yes, that’s right! Another year of ghost hunting with SyFy and Travel Channel’s best at the Ohio State Reformatory!

I really cannot say how excited I am for this, except to say it’s on par, just like the previous years I’ve attended Ideal’s events. Seriously, the ticket price is worth it. You get to spend 8+ hours with celeb investigators; meeting them, learning their personal investigation techniques, and exploring a renowned location in the dark!

giphy (3)

Yeah, there’s a lot of that at Ohio State Reformatory.

giphy (4)

And a lot of that too!

Stay tuned for my “Post-OSR” set next week where I spill all the secrets about what went on at Ohio State Reformatory! Well, evidence and experiences.

Also check out my INSTAGRAM to see tomorrow’s pictures from the meet and greet!

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