Dear Friends and Family of the Interwebs,

I have a request to ask you. It is purely voluntary. However, let me point out, that if you should fulfill this mission, it helps me… A LOT.

Over the past month I have been recreating my blog; morphing it from a single-dimensional, standalone source of ranting, discussing, and showing to a website. A beautiful, multi-layered, professional-looking website. Where I can advertise myself as a person and be entirely confident in all that I show. In addition, I plan to share some original, unpublished works on my website. They are easy to find: located in the upper-right corner titled “Original Stories.” I will be writing a new Morty’s Stories, titled “The Moment You’re Mine” that will be several chapters. I will also be continuing my posts at Fangirlish and on my Transformers fanfiction.

Also, I have been working on another love of mine, that I had previously shoved into the background of my pursuits. My films. My videos. Visual storytelling.

For the past week, I have been reorganizing my YouTube channel. It is there that I plan to showcase a variety of new projects, ranging from Let’s Plays to VLOGs to travel videos, skits, and… well… really anything that comes to mind. However, my most recent project will be a Let’s Play of the horror video game Five Nights at Freddy’s. (Let’s Play videos are, literally, gamers playing through video games — beginning to end.)

Here’s what I need from you: followers on my website and subscribers on my YouTube channel!

To follow my website (which will include alerts as I release a new post and a monthly newsletter summarizing what has been going on), all you have to do is enter your email address in the top left corners, located under “Social Media” and the WordPress follow button. (If you have a WordPress account and would like to also follow me through that, by all means click the button!)

Here is the link for my website:Β

Over on YouTube, I believe that only Google accounts can Subscribe to my channel. That means those of you who have a address should be able to click that Subscribe button. So please Subscribe to my YouTube channel too!

Here is the link for my YouTube channel:Β

At the very least, having Followers and Subscribers makes my website and YouTube gain more Followers and Subscribers in return. I gain more popularity. Through more clicks of buttons and typing of keys, I come that much closer to doing what I love for a living. And, if that succeeds, you will be able to label yourselves as the first fans!

However, let me take the “salesman voice” out of my email for a minute. This is more important. If you don’t click the buttons or put in your email, I know you already support me. I thank you, from the depths of my soul, for all that you have given me already.Β It really does mean so much to me.

I am only sending out this email as a bulletin. Not as something to pressure you into doing. I am only asking for your help in getting my statistics improve.

Thank you, ladies and gents, for your time. I hope you have a blessed day. I also hope your 2015 is going well, and that it continues to be a blessed year.

Love to you all!


Katie L. Mortimer (KittleMort)

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