Fangirlish Favorites Master Post 2014

Over on Fangirlish, they’ve been publishing something called “Fangirlish Favorites”. Which is a way they’ve been ushering in the new year. Below, you’ll find a master post of all my Favorites listed here — and links to Fangirlish’s lists, where you can see the rest of the team’s favorite media of 2014. Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Top Books of 2014 
    Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

    This was a book that has been on my shelf for a long time. Published in 2008, it’s a book with a simple premise: Jane Margaux’s imaginary friend, Michael, comes back into her life and they both fall in love. Hallmark Channel made a movie starring Alyssa Milano as Jane last year, if it sounds familiar. I read this book and MY GOD did I fall in love with it! The book goes deeper than the Hallmark movie ever did, and has such fantastic detail. Michael and Jane’s relationship is so beautifully casual and sweet! I strongly recommend reading it!

  • Top Movies of 2014
    Winter’s Tale

    Winter’s Tale with Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, and Jennifer Connelly. It was written and directed by Akiva Goldsman, who wrote for movies such asThe Da Vinci Code, Practical Magic, and Insurgent. It’s a romantic fantasy set in an AU New York where Farrell’s character, Peter Lake, falls in love with Findlay’s character, Beverly Penn, who is dying from consumption. Crowe’s Pearly Soames tries to stop it. It’s a classic story about Angels vs Demons, good vs evil, the power of love, and what happens to us after we die. At first, watching this movie, I was kind of “eh” about it. But I watched it again recently, and it is actually a captivating tale. It makes you think and your heart swoon.

  • Top TV Episodes of 2014
    Supernatural 10×05, “Fan Fiction”

    Supernatural‘s 200th episode. OF COURSE. Supernatural is my most favorite TV show on air. Ever since they announced the 200th episode, entitled “Fan Fiction” being a shout out to fans, I was thrilled. The fourth wall was broken yet again as the show brought back Carver Edlund’s Supernatural books about the brothers. A group of theater girls, led by Marie, put on a musical illustrating the adventures that Sam and Dean had from seasons 1 to 5. Sam and Dean comically encounter this. Dean especially criticizes the play, but then warms up to it. The brothers help the girls fight off the goddess Calliope and watch as they perform a gorgeous rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son.” The last conversation, between Marie and a character we haven’t seen since season 5, sums up how I feel about it: “What did you think?” “Not bad.”

  • Winter Break Binge-Watch
    Doctor Who

    During every December, I start watching the new series of Doctor Who back-to-back. I think, mainly, because I know that there’s going to be a new episode on Christmas every year. But I also think it’s because Doctor Who tends to embody a quality in humanity I cherish: imagination. There’s always a new twist, a new color, to the TV show. Some people like it, some people hate it. I just enjoy it. Even if it isn’t the best episode. I love the sense of creativity and adventure each new episode with The Doctor brings (especially with 11). Plus, it will probably last you a good majority of the month. Especially if you add the 1963 Classic Series, too.

  • Fandom Gifts We’re Gifting (Or Hoping To Receive)
    Dobby the House Elf

    Last year, while my mom was recuperating from both a concussion and an illness, I brought down the Harry Potter movies to watch with her. Now, she knew about Harry Potter and my intense love for the books and movies. But she never experienced them for herself. Fast forward a few days, and my mom was watching the movies on repeat. Especially the scenes containing a certain house elf. Spoiler alert: Mom, expect to get A LOT of Dobby themed presents this year! Not telling you what they are!

  • ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ — A Special Holiday #MCM
    Tom Hiddleston

    I just can’t seem to get past the actor who brilliantly played Loki in Thor, The Avengers, andThor 2. I first fell in love with his acting when I watched The Avengers. It had been a long time since someone had played a villain that made me question my very loyalty to superheroes. And it was Loki that got me into the Marvel fandom, back into Tumblr, and even helped me with some personal things in my life. So, thanks, Tom Hiddleston. You really did change my life.

  • Guilty Pleasures
    Twilight & Barbie in the Nutcracker

    Ohhhhh…. Well, I think the greatest guilty pleasure is a tie between Twilight and Barbie in the Nutcracker. Being an English major, I have many friends who despise these series for not being well written. But I find them enjoyable. Barbie in the Nutcracker has an excellent, romantic, twist on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story. And Twilight, yes, you either love or hate it. Some things might bug me with some of the series, but I do find the romance between Edward and Bella compelling. It brings me back to high school. And a time where life was simpler.

  • Christmas & Holiday Media
    Hallmark Movies

    I’m a sucker for Hallmark movies. Really. During December, just pop on the Hallmark Channel and relax. They play movies all afternoon and evening. And they’re not so bad. My favorites are Sundays at Tiffany’s (with Alyssa Milano), The Christmas Shepherd (Teri Polo), November Christmas (Sam Elliott), and Help for the Holidays (Summer Glau).

  • Winter Break Reads
    Neil Gaiman

    Whenever someone asks me a book recommendation, I always point them in Neil Gaiman’s direction. His works include Stardust, Sandman, The Graveyard Book, and, most recently, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Which is one of my favorites. Gaiman’s works center on fairy tales, but they always have some kind of new twist to them. The Ocean at the End of the Lane follows the memories of a man, who visits a home he used to hang out at when he was a child. There live the Hempstocks: a girl, a woman, and a grandmother. They help the boy overcome a terrifying monster. The novel is directed at adults. It centers on themes such as the search for self-identity and growing from a child to an adult.

  • YouTube Cheat Sheet

    If there’s anything you should watch over on YouTube, it should be Markiplier’s channel. I first came across him when I was looking up the Oculus Rift. Eventually I came across his live play of Five Nights at Freddy’s, an indie horror game where you escape animatronics trying to stuff you in a decommissioned Freddy suit. And, boy, did I laugh HARD at his antics. Markiplier, really Mark Fischbach, is so expressive when playing videogames. Especially with horror games. And, most especially, with Five Nights At Freddy’s. But, I warn you, this game has A LOT of jumpscares!

  • Charitable Campaigns
    Tom Hiddleston’s Ice Bucket Challenge

    I had seen posts about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when it first started, with some of my local friends doing it, but I never really considered doing it myself. At least, not until Tom Hiddleston (#2 on my “Celebrities I Want To Meet” list) partook in the challenge. Thank you, Nathan Fillion, for challenging him. Good lord. I fell in love with him all over again. Not only because of the soaked white shirt (that I’m convinced he chose to wear to make ladies drool), but also because he brought attention to the cause: curing Lou Gehrig’s disease. Oh, and, also, nominating Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans, and Helena Bonham Carter. *cackles*

  • Favorite Fandom Moments of 2014 (Part 1)
    Meeting Destination Truth‘s Josh Gates

    Meeting Destination Truth’s Josh Gates at The Ohio State Reformatory in May. I first came to know Josh Gates through Ghost Hunters. His show (that has now been cancelled),Destination Truth, came on after Ghost Hunters. And I was hooked. The aim of his travels is not to prove whether a monster (such as the Yeti) or ghost may exist but to tell the stories that people have about the Unknown – from all over the world. In May, I got to meet Josh Gates himself – shake his hand, get his book autographed (FINALLY), get a picture with him, and investigate the Ohio State Reformatory. I think I composed myself pretty well, considering I was meeting the #1 spot on my “Celebrities I Want To Meet” list. (Even though my friend will tell you I was “dewy-eyed”). But I hope that May 2015 goes better. That I get to talk to him for more than five minutes, and investigate with him. *nervous laugh*

  • Favorite Fandom Moments of 2014 (Part 2)
    The Fandom War – Supernatural‘s “Hunters” vs. Beliebers

    Way back in January 2014, Lil Za was arrested at Justin Bieber’s house for possession of drugs. Jared Padalecki tagged Bieber on Twitter, asking him if he was paying Za to take the fall for the rockstar’s drugs. To make the recap short, Beliebers started threatening Jared, then the show. And, oh, they didn’t know what kind of war they were getting in to, did they? Not only did the Supernatural fandom unite to watch the next episode that was on, but so did the other fandoms. Together Hunters, Whovians, Potterheads, and so many other fandoms joined together to beat down the Beliebers, who had been threatening not to watch the show because of Jared’s remark. Thus the event was dubbed the “Fandom Wars” on Tumblr. The Beliebers didn’t know what hit them.

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