Chapter 16 – All That We Need In Our Lives

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Chapter 16: No Sacrifice, No Victory

Megatron bellowed above the teens. He threw Optimus against a building, and then grabbed the Autobot leader again. “You still fight for the weak that is why you lose!”
Blackout landed nearby, stalking towards Optimus. The leader threw a punch at Megatron, only to have one reciprocated.
Rocks and dirt clattered into the hole as the bots grappled with each other above. Kate and Sam shielded their faces from the debris. The Allspark was still safely tucked in Sam’s arm. Kate looked at it curiously. And then gasped. She remembered Optimus talking to Sam, and the promise he made to the Autobots earlier that day.
“Sam, what did Optimus tell you?” She shouted at her friend urgently.
Sam looked at her, and then at the Cube. He bit his lip.
“You’re not going to like it…” He trailed off.
Sam jumped as more debris landed on them. He looked up at the battle, momentarily forgetting Kate. But she wasn’t forgetting. She didn’t even wince.
“He made you promise to shove the Allspark in his chest, didn’t he?”
“I—uh…” Sam evaded the question.
Kate grabbed Sam by his jacket. She ignored the slight rip it gave out. She was furious. Furious at Optimus for breaking his promise. Furious at Sam for going along with it.
“DIDN’T HE?” She bellowed out.
Sam shrunk visibly as Kate eyed the Allspark.
Then, without thinking, she grabbed the Cube from Sam.
“Well I won’t let him!” She yelled out.
A soldier yelled out “Run! Move!”, although his voice didn’t entirely sound afraid. It had a mix of triumph in it.
Kate halted in everything she was doing. Her mind ceased to worry. All she noticed was the faint blue glow coming from the Allspark itself. That seemed to have started as soon as she touched the Cube. And it was growing.
Oh… no… She thought.
“Kate?” Sam whispered. He reached out, gently touched her on the shoulder.
The blue light flashed. It issued in a wave from the Cube, and into Kate. All within seconds. Sam shielded his eyes from the blast.
As quickly as it came, the light faded. When Sam looked at Kate, she was lying on the ground, unconscious.  
Wake up, darling.
The shrill ping of a monitor slowly brought Kate’s awareness back. But her mind felt scrambled. She remembered climbing into the hole with Sam, the fear of losing Optimus, and then the rest was blue, then white, and then black.
And now there was the beeping.
“Is this a dream?” She winced at the sound of her voice. It was hoarse, hollow.
Voices erupted in laughter. A female voice let out a sob. A few people clapped. A couple males cheered. Kate cracked her eyes open, only to shut them again. She felt nauseous. Disoriented. She blinked her eyes and allowed them to adjust. She was in a white room, laying in a bed with white sheets. God, there was so much white. It hurt to look at it. But she didn’t care.
Her face broke into a grin at the two teenagers and four holoforms standing around her bed, lined up right next to each other. Sam and Mikaela hovered over her left, in front of the windows. Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Optimus stood at her feet. And Ratchet hovered over her right.
Her eyes lingered back to Optimus’s. Her eyes watered when she saw him. He was alive. He was fine.
She tried to raise herself into a sitting position, only to have Ratchet push her back down.  
“Eh! Not on my watch, young lady!” He scolded.
“Aw, Ratchet!” Kate whined. The group laughed.
“No you’re not! You’ve just woken up! We still need to run some tests—”
“No ‘but’!”
Kate’s eyes pleaded with the Autobot leader’s. His blue eyes shone with amusement. He was the only one who could talk a little sense into Ratchet. Maybe.
“I cannot help you, little one.” Optimus laughed. Kate huffed.
He sat down on the bed beside her. Her hand automatically folded with his.
“What happened?” She asked. The room grew quiet. All eyes turned to Ratchet.
“From what Sam described, it seems you triggered something in the Allspark.” Ratchet began, “That when you grabbed it, it shot out an energy into you.”
Kate stared at the medic. He hovered over her and Optimus. The Autobot leader played with Kate’s hand, and stared at the bed.
Ratchet’s brow furrowed. He pushed his glasses back on his nose.
“I think it sensed your loyalty to us. Your love for Optimus. For the Autobots. For Cybertron. And part of the power of the Allspark found a home within you.”
Kate’s face flushed. “So… what does that mean? I get superpowers?”
“I don’t know, Kate. Maybe yes, maybe no.” He rambled, “Personally, I don’t think so. At least, you won’t get any extra powers beyond what you’re already capable of. A human body couldn’t handle the whole power of the Allspark: it would rip you apart.”
He paused when Kate winced and looked down at Optimus’s hand.
“I think the Allspark… fixed you.” He continued.
Kate looked up at him again, confused. “I don’t think I was really all that broken, Ratchet.”
“Not to say that you were, not really. But, see, like this way: you’re able to communicate with us telepathically. When you’re closer to the Allspark, you can pick up on our feelings and urges. And the same happens with the Decpticons: you recognize them by sight, and you can sense them. But you didn’t know how you could do this. You couldn’t command the visions, the urges, the senses. Somewhere inside of you, there was a part that wasn’t connecting with the powers you had. And when the Allspark saw that in you, it took part of itself and fixed it. And then it disappeared into the stars.”
Kate bit her lip. She thought about what Ratchet had said. Was she truly able to control her powers now? Her heart leapt, excited and a little nervous, at the prospect of being the Autobot’s secret weapon against the Decepticons.
Ratchet reached down, and rubbed Kate’s forearm, comforting her. “Once you rest up a bit, we’ll test exactly what your powers can do.”
Kate nodded at Ratchet. She felt light. Even though it was good news, it was still a lot to handle. Exactly, how different were her powers going to be?
It turned out that Kate had been unconscious for three days. Three days since Megatron died in Mission City. Three days that the Autobots and the US government had been in talks together. Three days that an abandoned military base in California had become the Autobot headquarters.
It honestly didn’t seem like it. It only seemed like a few hours. But, no.
Three days.
During that time, Optimus had sent out a message to other Cybertronians that supported his cause. His race had been scattered to the stars. And he had invited them to come to Earth, to come to shelter, to protect the inhabitants of their new home.
The Autobots weren’t going anywhere. But, neither were the Decepticons.
Kate had woken up in the Autobot medical bay – complete with Autobot-sized recovery rooms, and human-sized. Thankfully, Kate had a private room to recover in. But she kept the door opened anyways for any visitors. She at least had an Autobot, Mikaela, or Sam popping in every day. But Ratchet and Optimus never left her side.
Except that one time that Ratchet had threatened Optimus with a wrench – shaking it at him and ordering the commander to eat something and recharge.
It took three more days before Kate was fully recovered to Ratchet’s satisfaction.
Day 1: her balance and stamina were tested. Ratchet’s jaw about fell on the floor when she literally jumped out of bed and ran around the hallways. Her endurance actually increased! No longer was she the teenage girl about to collapse after running a mile. She felt like she could run twenty and hardly break a sweat!
Day 2: Ratchet tested her powers. They carried on a conversation together, mentally, just like always, but Kate’s powers extended beyond that. She could pinpoint where each Autobot was on the base, accurately, and within seconds. Ratchet theorized that if she continued stretching her mind, she could pinpoint every Decepticon on the globe.
But that would be saved for another day.
Day 3: Ratchet ran a few more tests. He tested Kate’s heart, her brain, her strength. All seemed in perfect condition. He finally let her leave the medical bay, with the promise that if anything felt strange – anything at all – that she was to immediately come to him.
“I promise, Ratchet.” Kate smiled up at the medic, in his Cybertronian form, “Thank you for everything.”
He backed away from her. Transformed. And within seconds, the medic and the human were enveloped in a hug. They stayed like that for a few seconds. And in those few seconds, Kate realized that Ratchet was kind of like a father to her. That she loved him – but not in the same way that she loved Optimus. Ratchet was family. The Autobots were her family.
They were standing in Ratchet’s office – where the doors of the medical wing intersected with the rest of the building. It was the only way in or out of the med bay. Ratchet wouldn’t have it any other way. Outside those doors were Mikaela, Sam, the Autobots, and the part of the military that were now like family themselves to the Cybertronians. Mikaela and Sam spoke highly of two officers: Epps and Lennox. Kate couldn’t wait to meet them.
The two broke away, and both had to wipe a tear from their eyes.
“I love you, kid. I’m glad you’re okay.” Ratchet patted Kate’s shoulder. He cleared his throat and turned away.
Kate turned herself towards the doors. She heard the sounds of Ratchet quickly transforming and walking to his desk behind her. In front of her, she watched as the silhouette of her love, of Optimus, kneel down and offer his hand to her. She climbed on without question and held on to his thumb as he raised himself to his tall height.
“Come with me, Sweetspark.” He murmured.

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