Chapter 15 – All That We Need In Our Lives

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Chapter 15: Rooftop Gymnastics  

Kate and Sam raced up the stairs, taking them two, maybe three, at a time. Megatron was hot on their tails. Their hearts raced. Sweat caked their shirts. They both gasped for air with each new step. Their ears could hear the sounds of gunfire out on the streets, the yells of the soldiers, the terrified screams of civilians who got in the crosshairs. Kate wondered how many people might have died. How many of the Autobots. She wondered if Optimus was still safe. If he would reach them in time. Or were they on their own?
They wrenched open the door to the roof, momentarily blinded by sunlight. Kate and Sam paused to slow their breathing. But the victory of reaching the roof was short lived when they felt the building vibrating under their feet. They looked at each other fearfully. They could hear the helicopters approaching the city.
“Move!” Kate screamed.
Optimus, please hurry! She yelled frantically.
She followed Sam across the rooftop and almost groaned out at the ladder they had to climb to get to the other side of the roof. Sam climbed the ladder without hesitation, Kate followed quickly. Sam was gasping out incoherent words now. Kate was too focused on the intense burning in her chest. She felt faint in the sun, but she pressed on.
I’m running every day after this. She groaned. She kept her eyes trained on Sam’s back, which was receding further and further from her. She was slowing, Sam was keeping his pace up. Gym class had never been her strongest subject.
“Hey! Hey!”
Sam ignited his flare as he ran through a corridor.
“Hey I’m over here! We’re over here!”
Kate slowed, a bit, relieved. She took a deep gulp of air. The shaking under their feet had subsided. Kate nodded her head, forcing herself to run faster. She reached Sam as a helicopter raised itself near the edge of the roof. He threw the flare to the ground and held out the Allspark.
Finally. Safety!She praised whoever it was that was watching out for them right now. They could escape from Megatron. She could reunite with Optimus. The Autobots won! The Allspark safe! Mission complete!
“Watch out!”
Kate’s heart plummeted, her relief shattered, as Sam screamed out to the military men. There, on a neighboring rooftop, was Starscream. He fired at the helicopter, his rocket made a whistling sound as it neared the group.
“Missile!” One of the men yelled out. But it was too late. The projectile hit the tail of the helicopter. It started to veer towards the teenagers, out of control. 
“Sam!” Kate shrieked. She pulled him to the ground and shielded him.
Both teens screamed as the rear blades of the helicopters passed overhead.
“Optimus!” Kate screeched out.
“I’m coming, Kate! Hang on, Sam!”
Kate’s heart leapt as she heard the Autobot leader’s voice. Not only in her mind, and heart, but also with her ears. He was close.
But the praise was, again, short lived. Kate felt a vibration in the rooftop. It had started again. She pressed her hands to the concrete. It was stronger than last time.
“Run!” She yelled at Sam.
He nodded, wrenching himself off the ground. She followed after him. But… there was nowhere to run. The roof around them exploded. Every escape possibility cut off.
“No! No!” Sam yelled. Kate grimaced. Her breath came in panicked gasps.
They both backed up to the edge of the roof. In a moment of desperation, Sam climbed up and pressed himself against one of the statues. Kate stood, frozen to the spot. She didn’t know what to do. She looked, with wide eyes, up at the Decepticon leader who towered over her.
“Kate…” The mech growled, “Nice to finally meet Optimus’s femme.”
She gasped. Her senses came back to her. She backed away from Megatron, only to trip over a steel beam that was lying on the ground. The mech laughed maliciously. Kate’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment and rage.
“Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling?” He asked. Whether to Sam or to Kate, or both, the humans didn’t know.
His red optics shone over Kate’s quivering form. She grimaced and turned from him, using the edge of the roof to raise herself to her feet. The roof vibrated as Megatron’s stepped closer to the two humans. She was completely exposed, vulnerable. He could do anything to her, and she, most likely, wouldn’t survive it.
“Give me the Allspark and you may live to be my pet.” He continued.
Kate wrenched herself up. She glanced over the edge of the rooftop, and saw that there was no escape. No ladders, no stone ledges or open windows she and Sam could fall into. Nothing. Just alleyway. Pavement. Concrete. They would not survive this.
Sam shouted out, he almost lost his footing. Kate’s gaze shifted to him, only to be stopped by movement in the corner of her eye. Her eyes snapped to the source and her heart soared.
He looked up at her and caught her gaze. She swore she could see his optics shining with mischief. He nodded his head towards Sam’s unknowing form. She looked at the human boy, who was completely unaware that Optimus had just positioned himself to catch him. Kate turned and faced Megatron, who had been staring at the helicopters passing by. He had not heard Optimus climbing the building. He had not witnessed Kate’s change in body language. He was completely oblivious to what was happening.
She almost laughed in triumph.
“I’m never giving you this Allspark!” Sam shouted at Megatron.
She looked over to Sam. But he stared defiantly at Megatron, his gaze didn’t waver. Megatron looked back at the humans.
Oh he’s going to kill me. She thought, wincing. Megatron looked at Kate as she moved to Sam’s side.
We’re never giving you the Allspark!” Kate reached up and gripped Sam’s elbow tight.
“Oh, so unwise.” The mech smirked.
Kate and Sam sucked in a deep breath. They watched, their eyes wide, as Megatron raised his clawed hand into the air. And slammed it across the rooftop. Debris scattered. The teenagers were launched into the air. They screamed as they hurled over the roof and into the alley. The air rushed around them as they fell.
Then, suddenly, the air stopped rushing. Kate groaned and looked at the roof. They had only fallen—maybe 20 feet?—but her body groaned as if it had been a hundred. She screamed and shielded herself as a large cement stone hurtled towards her head. But it was stopped by a large metal hand. She arched her back and smiled at her love. 
“Thanks, Optimus.”
She had landed square on Optimus’s windows, miraculously they weren’t shattered. But she would definitely be hurting in the morning.
“You are welcome, Kate.”
Meanwhile, Sam babbled incoherently as Optimus deposited him next to Kate.
“I’ve got you, boy.” Optimus reassured Sam.
He moved his hand to cover both Kate and Sam. His mouthplate slipped back into place.
“Hold on to the Cube!”
He let go of the building. He let himself fall. Sam held onto the Allspark, Kate took another deep breath. She could see, through Optimus’s fingers, debris falling as he grabbed for support on the two buildings. It was a rocky fall, but Kate knew she was safe.
That feeling of safety was broken as Megatron grabbed ahold of Optimus. He lurched, free falling to the ground. Kate yelped. Sam yelled. Optimus groaned. The inside of his hand held them firm, but they still quivered. It felt like they were in an earthquake.
And then it was over. Optimus opened his hand. Kate sat up and gaped at her surroundings: the city was in shambles. It was recognizable, yes. But in complete disarray. Cars were crushed, windows of buildings shattered, cement and metal littered the streets, and a great big hole… a hole… that reminded Kate of her dream.
Optimus and Sam spoke behind her, but she didn’t pay attention. All she could think of was Optimus’s lifeless form, his vacant optics. She brought a hand to her mouth.
No.  She thought. It was just a dream.
But she couldn’t shake the sense of foreboding she felt. She jumped when she felt Optimus’s finger run down her spine. She turned and looked at him.
He brought his finger to her chin, his eyes raked over her form. He knew immediately that she had been thinking of the dream. He could see the worry in her eyes. Megatron was stronger than him, built better. Yes, he was the Autobot leader, but his foe was a large challenge. Literally. He prayed for Primus to look after his love, if he didn’t win. If the Allspark took him. He was thankful for the time he had with Kate. He would love her forever.
Kate kissed the Autobot’s finger. God, she prayed, please let him win. She had faith in her love. She knew he could win. She wouldn’t look at the facts, she wouldn’t worry. She would always trust in him.
“I love you.” Kate whispered.
“I love you too. Get behind me.”
Kate and Sam moved off of Optimus, just as Megatron rose himself.
“It’s you and me, Megatron!”
They looked for cover behind Optimus. Sam ran towards the only one: the hole.
“No, it’s just me, Prime!”
Kate hesitated. She took a breath and followed.
“At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.”
There was no other way.

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