Supernatural’s 200th Episode: Fan Fiction Promo

After the show’s hiatus last week, I’m back recapping Supernatural over on Fangirlish!

Tonight’s episode won’t be of the usual paranormal-meets-demon-hunters variety. No. It’s a tribute to the fans of Supernatural. Supposedly all the characters in the last ten seasons will be referenced in some way. It looks like Chuck’s books have become a theater production put together by a fan. It will have other people dressing up as our beloved characters: Bobby, Sam, Dean, Gabe, Cas, etc.

Although I’m still hoping that the actual actors will be involved in some way — COME ON! I NEED MY GABE FIX!!

supernatural animated GIF

*cough* Right… anyways…

Oh. And bonus: it’s a musical episode.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s 200th EPISODE!! Congrats SPN!

Aw man, I’m going to have SUCH a hard time writing my recap! Cause I’ll want to watch it AND NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE!
*waits IMpatiently for 9PM*
supernatural animated GIF

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