Chapter 14 – All That We Need In Our Lives

(I’ve been writing a Transformers fanfic over on for a couple months now. I’ve decided that I’m going to post the body of each chapter here, too, so… enjoy!)

Description: Optimus Prime receives a strange transmission when he thinks all hope is lost for finding the Allspark. He discovers it is from the mind of a sixteen year old girl, Kate Forge. Together, with the Autobots, Sam, and Mikeala they must find the Allspark, defeat the Decepticons… and Kate and Optimus must confront their feelings for each other. During Transformers 2007. Optimus/OC
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – [Optimus Prime, OC]

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Speech + Tranmissions are in “bold/italic”
Chapter 14: Electrifying Choices
By the time Kate and Optimus reached Mission City, it was too late. The Decepticons were already warring with the Autobots and the human soldiers. Kate shuddered when she sensed Megatron veryclose by. His malice, his evil, his arrogance permeated the air.
Quickly, Optimus turned into an alley a short distance away from the battle. Kate could hear the gunshots – even through his cab. She looked around, puzzled, as the Peterbilt stopped.
“I need you to get out.”
“I want you to be safe.”
“No, Optimus. I can help!”
The holoform reappeared next to her. His expression stern.
“I need you to be safe.” He voiced. “I will face Megatron, stronger, knowing you are here.”
“Hiding?” Kate spat back, “You want me to be a coward?”
“No, Kate. I want you to survive.”
“My friends are out there, our friends, and you – you will be out there too!”
“Kate, I’ll keep our connection open. So you know I’m safe.”
“I won’t just hide behind some garbage cans!”
“Kate, will you just listen?!” The cab around her boomed.
She clamped her mouth shut, fuming at the holoform. Optimus, however, cradled her chin. He kissed her, gently, on the lips. He pulled back, and she saw desperation in his eyes.   
“I. Love. You. I can’tlose you.” He whispered.
Kate sucked in a breath. Blushing, she breathed out an “I love you too.”
Both holoform and human held their gaze for a moment more. Then, Kate nodded, turning away to open the passenger door.
“Wait.” The holoform stopped her. He kissed her on the top of her head, closing his eyes. “Be safe. Hide.”
Kate only nodded, climbing out of the Peterbilt. She watched as Optimus drove forward. He transformed into his true form, mask sliding into place.
“Megatron!” He called, striking a pose.
She shuddered. She could hear the Decepticon leader’s response a short distance away.
Seconds later, Optimus launched himself into the air, and grabbed hold of a jet that was flying way too low in the city limits. Megatron. She assumed. She could sense an overpowering urge to win, to overpower, and to conquer in that jet. She ran to the edge of the alley, peering around the corner. She spied Optimus and Megatron clipping the corner of a building before flying out of view. Her heart beat out of concern for her love.  
“Please, be safe.” She whispered, hoping Optimus heard her. And hoping that she didn’t distract him.
Her worries were put on hold when she sensed another Decepticon nearby. This one wasn’t as… daunting as Megatron was. He was more concerned with his own survival, than the Decepticon cause.
… how did she even know what the Decepticons were feeling or thinking? She didn’t know. It was another mystery to her power. But it could prove to be a useful tool in this battle.
Sucking in a deep breath, she forced herself to turn to the other end of the alley. Away from knowing the fate of her love. She had a job to do. She needed to help their friends.
“I’m sorry, Optimus.”
Kate made sure to keep thatout of the transmission. Optimus didn’t need any more distractions right now. But she was following her heart. Even if it meant disobeying orders.
She bolted down the alley without a second thought. Turning a corner, she shrieked in surprise as a brown-haired teenage boy almost ran in to her. She paused and watched him. He hit the ground and rolled, hiding behind a car as a jet flew towards him. It took a moment for her brain to catch up with what she was seeing: two robots shielding the boy, firing missiles at the Decepticon.
Starscream. She noted.
“Ratchet… Ironhide!” She shouted, before diving behind the same car Sam was hiding behind.
He was trying to get up, to run, but she knew the safest place right now was behind that car. He screamed when she pulled him back down, wriggling and trying to fight her off.
“Sam! Sam! It’s me!” She screamed over the noise of screeching metal.
Starscream had flown away.
“Kate?” Sam had turned to her in shock.
They embraced for a second.
“Sam get to the building!” Ironhide ordered, kneeling to gather his strength.
This wasn’t good.
“Kate, what are you doing here?!” Ratchet barked, “Optimus said—”
The Autobots couldn’t hold off against the Decepticons. 
“I don’t care what Optimus said: I’m sticking around!” She shot back.
Ironhide put a hand on Ratchet’s shoulder. “Now’s not the time to argue orders.”
Ratchet nodded with a grunt.
The humans and Autobots looked up as they heard another jet in the distance.
“Megatron.” Ratchet ground out.
“Time to go!” Kate grabbed Sam, pushing him into a run, “Where are we going?”
“The building! Roof!” Sam gasped out.  
Both humans sprinted, pushing their bodies as hard as they could. They didn’t look back as they heard Megaton transform.
They pushed into an even faster run when they heard his shout: “Give me that Cube, boy!”
Only to be stopped when Sam ran straight into a SUV.
“Sam!” Kate gasped, only a foot behind him.
He fell to the ground, hitting the Allspark. Which caused an Earthquake-like shock to go through the surrounding area. Kate found herself falling, too. She felt the energy of the Cube go through her. It tingled through her fingers, down to her toes.
… It wasn’t altogether unpleasant. But it was a strange sensation for a human to have. She held up her hands, looking at them.
Sam had been staring at her.
“Kate?” He questioned.
“I’m okay. MOVE.” Kate ordered.
Both humans picked themselves up, hearing the screams of human chaos around them. All the electronics in the area had suddenly come to life. A steering wheel was gripping a woman’s face as she bolted from the car, another woman was running from the cans a vending machine was firing at her, and a man was on the ground, crawling backwards, away from the microwave robot that had just been in his hands.
Kate and Sam ran through the chaos, and away from Megatron. They were almost at the building. They crossed the street, bolted across the sidewalk, and ran through an opening in the barbed wire fence that surrounded the dilapidated building. They ran through the entryway, and slowed for a moment, getting their bearings.
The chaos on the street, followed by the sound of large, crunching footsteps caused them to pick up the pace again.
“You’re not gonna get me.” Sam breathed, running through sunlight columns.
“Sam, where’s the stairs?!” Kate screeched.
“YOU’RE NOT GONNA GET ME!” He shouted louder, almost triumphantly, running forward.
I’m going to assume that means he found them. Kate thought to herself.
She ran after Sam, following him into the back of the building. They ran through empty rooms and graffitied hallways. She opened her mouth to say something to Sam, about where the actual freaking stairs to the roof were, but it came out in a fearful shriek instead. Sam issued his own scream of terror. The teens heard the sound of a glass window shattering in the foyer.
“I smell you, boy!” Came the loud boom of Megatron’s voice, issuing throughout the building, “And… Optimus’s femme! What a pleasant surprise!”
Both teens paused for a second, finding the stairs. Sam looked at Kate.
“I’ll explain later,” She hurriedly whispered, pushing him up the stairs, “GO!”
They reached the second floor, where the stairs had led. Kate groaned in frustration. They both ran out into an open space, and slowed.
Where are those stairs??! Kate panicked.
“Optimus, we’re in trouble!” She yelled through their connection on pure instinct. They needed help. They weren’t going to survive this.
“KATE, what are you—”
“Kate!” Sam screamed out, running towards the other end of the building.
She saw it. Surrounded in a glorious, white light. A door marked EXIT in bright red lights.
The stairs!
“Just come get us!” Kate shouted back through the connection. She could feel Optimus’s worry. Worry for her, for the Cube, for Sam. It was almost verging on panic.
But she could never sense Optimus in that way before. Why could she now?
She shrieked as she felt the floor start to burst under her feet. She narrowly avoided Megatron’s claw, she ran after Sam and onto the stairs.
“Maggot! I’ll get you, femme!”
Kate could feel his voice echo down to her soul. His malice ignited her fears, causing a panic to rise in her chest. She and Sam sprinted up the stairs. It was a long way to go.
“Optimus, hurry.” She whispered.

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