Annabelle Trailer Released!!!

I’m a little late on the release BUUUUUT the Annabelle trailer has come out!! This movie is based off of the real-life doll in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum (Bonus: John Zaffis, who I met at Mansfield Reformatory a few months back, is their nephew)

Annabelle is mentioned in the beginning of The Conjuring (which released in theaters July 2013). I LOOOOOVED this movie SO MUCH. I haven’t loved a movie this much since I first saw Poltergeist. It actually, kind of, is like Poltergeist. It’s about a family who encounters supernatural events. But James Wan, the director, is so great at what he does. I really, really, really love that he films as much as he can LIVE. Meaning that the ghosts are people in make up, not CGI.

So, yeah, I’m excited to continue to see the movies that he films. Supposedly they’re making a Conjuring 2.

Take a look at The Conjuring trailer, and Annabelle (release date: Oct. 3, 2014) below:

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