*insert dramatic stare a la 
Yes. It has begun again. 
The four year wait has come to and end. 
From June 12 to July 13th, 32 teams will be playing one-on-one, against each other, to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. My brother has always been a huge fan of this sporting event. I admit, in the past [approximately] ten years, I have followed this around more. And I’m looking forward to see who wins. 
I think I truly like this event, though, for two reasons: it is an activity that me and Rick can get excited and talk about (which isn’t a rare occurrence at all, just another brother/sis moment), and it connects the world. Internationally, in one common goal, which really should happen more often. 
Anyways, I’m excited!! Brother and I always root for Italy, then England and USA. Let’s see who wins! 
Check out the roster of teams below: 

Google Search: FIFA World Cup
Here’s FIFA’s website:

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