Pre-Ghost Hunting at the Mansfield Reformatory

Tonight is the night!! The meeting of Josh Gates, T.A.P.S. (Steve Gonsalves, Amy Bruni, Adam Berry), John Zaffis, Chip Coffey, and Reverend Tim Shaw! I’m a combination of nervous and excited, as anyone would be when meeting people they admire. And going to ghost hunt in a location that I have wanted to ghost hunt in for a decade, if not more.

I’ve invented a word, by the way, “nercited”, a combination of nervous and excited. Definitely explains how I feel… very accurately. 
So Allison and I are about to embark on our adventure. I’m really hoping all goes well considering the last place I investigated (and Allison went with me the second time), was a poor house/retirement home before it closed (Hill View Manor in New Castle, PA). The vibes will certainly be different at Mansfield. It was always a prison, and turned into a prison with inhumane conditions and overcrowding before it was closed in 1990. It was still operational when my dad was a police officer. I still remember the story he told me about pursuing an inmate that escaped… 
Well, I’m also hoping things go well with meeting the gang. And re-meeting Steve Gonsalves. But especially Josh Gates BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO MEET HIM FOR YEARS!!!  
Anyways, have to go. Praying that my nerves hold!!! 
Oh and check out my Twitter to get updates on tonight! It’s gonna be a blast!! 

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