Twister (1996)

Jeez. So last night I came home from work and sat down to relax. What was on TV? None other than Twister. Which I haven’t seen in YEARS.

When I was going through middle school and high school I had Twister on repeat. Almost literally. One of my favorite characters (that I had this whole self-insert plotline going on with in my head) was Dusty. Formally known as Dustin “Dusty” Davis (played by the wonderful Philip Seymour Hoffman, may he rest in peace).

Okay. Let me sit you down and explain something that I realized. I have had a lot, and I mean A LOT of character crushes in my life. I develop a new one with almost every Marvel movie that comes out, in fact (heeeello Bucky) But I realize that there have been only two firsts: Willy Wonka and Dusty.

Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder)
Dusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Way back when I was in the educational system, even though I went to private schools, it was tough. The way I remember it, Willy was my crush around my late elementary school days, where I was generally a loner, except for two real life best friends, and my imagination. Fast forward to middle school/high school where my family was going through a really dark time… and I wanted to learn something new. I wanted to discover more about myself. Along those lines came Twister and Dusty.

In middle school/high school I started studying weather. And I still study it today. Though it’s now more of a hobby than a career goal anymore, Twister also brought something else to the forefront of my mind. I started writing fanfiction. And I started imagining plot. Granted my grades took a plummet from this but I loved it. I truly think that if I hadn’t watched Twister, I wouldn’t have started daydreaming, and I wouldn’t have been a writer.


But I think I owe it to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for portraying such a wonderful character that I am still in love with today. And also to Gene Wilder, thank you too. Without these two eccentrics, I don’t know that I would’ve known that being creative and fun is… so exciting. I truly believe that these two characters have inspired me to be the kind of person I am today: eccentric, bold, life-loving, funny, and kind. (I think that about covers it. It’s hard to describe one’s self, isn’t it?)

Watching Twister today made me think: “Gee. I really, really did turn out to be similar to him, and Willy… but… BUT I’m also myself. We’re all a part of one crazy circle of loving-life.”

Amazing what we sense as kids isn’t it?

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