Oscars 2014 Recap: Pizza Party and Selfie


Apparently Ellen Degeneres had the pizza delivery man on her show yesterday. Take a look:

For those who might have missed what went on, something I’ve personally dubbed the “Oscars Pizza Party” happened sometime during the live awards show.

Ellen started out asking if the actors in the audience were hungry. It seemed that they were. At this point I thought Ellen was just joking about ordering pizza. BUT a few awards and a commercial later, this happens:

Honestly I have always respected Ellen from afar. I have always thought she was a great woman, and kind to those who were around her. Especially when it was an average person. She invited celebrities onto her show, yes, BUT she also invites normal people: the average, hard-working, person that probably had to call off of work to appear, or get a friend to sub their shift.

I think this is amazing. That she brought that element to The Oscars. That she had an average pizza man walk into a room with some of the most prestigious actors, actresses, writers, and directors in the world. And what did they all do? Eat. Pizza. As if it was a slumber party! Amazing.

Ellen single-handedly showed the world that celebrities were just like us. Yes, they might like to get dressed up and celebrate each other at a fancy awards show, but they would welcome pizza too!!

Another wonderful moment of the night was the famous “selfie” (which I mentioned in my previous post):

Hah! I just think that’s fantastic!

Catch the moment here:

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