The 85th Academy Awards – Seth MacFarlane.

For the past couple of months, I have been looking forward to watching The Academy Awards. Almost more than every year. It all started way back when Seth MacFarlane was announced as the new host for The Oscars. As the months passed by, right up until 8:29 PM last night, I became more and more excited.

I just posted a video (my first Vlog!) last night discussing my Oscar Predictions for who might win, what I looked forward to, and why. To sum it up here: it was very exciting to actually see nominations where you didn’t know who was going to win! Usually there’s a clear winner. This year there were two or even sometimes three possibilities. In fact, in one case The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences couldn’t even make up their minds! (Both Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty won for Sound Editing)

But as the hours ticked on last night, it came down to one thing I was most excited to see: Seth MacFarlane host. And I thought he did an absolutely fantastic job!

Now, as I love Family Guy, I knew exactly what to expect from Mr. MacFarlane. Basically, nothing is off-limits. I found myself cracking up all during the night, almost literally falling out of my seat many times. I thought he was both charming and brave, as I always do, for what he did. Two of my most favorite jokes were the “Boobs” song and the gay joke that William Shatner made about him. You know, the one that went: “I haven’t joined that chorus, they were just singing behind me.” “Oh in 2015, you join them.” (I don’t remember the joke word-for-word so forgive my inaccuracy.)

People on social media websites have expressed their offense to these, and other, jokes. I want to remind everyone to not take them out of context. The actresses who were “offended” during the “Boobs” song were actually in a skit, pretending to look offended. And the gay joke was Seth making fun of himself. As I said before, nothing is off-limits for Seth. Not even his own reputation.

But to end this before it turns into a full-out rant, I will say that what Seth did was incredibly brave. As it is for any artist who has been in the spotlight. That style of comedy is his avenue that he thrives in.

I thought one of the best things about The Oscars (past, last night, and future) is that it was a throw-back to the classics of Hollywood, and a look at the future of awards shows. Last night, Seth and The Academy focused on the music. Seth sang a mixture of jazz and showtunes to begin the show. To top it off, guest actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe helped him perform the three numbers. John Travolta introduced Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and the entire cast of Les Miserables to perform musical numbers from the musical films that we still remember them by today.

Another set of highlights: Daniel Day Lewis broke records by accepting his third Best Actor Oscar for Lincoln, and Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook. They were both much deserved, despite the antics that may have occurred in trying to get up on the stage. (Poor Jennifer!)

Regardless of the shenanigans that go on, on-stage and off, I think that the future of the entertaiment industry is bright. With technology developing every day, new creative ideas emerging, and people being recognized for the individuals they are, I think we are in for some great things. And I look forward to seeing what will happen.

Now. My question is: who do you want to see host the Oscars next year? Who do predict will be nominated? (My Benedict Cumberbatch post on Tumblr is already going crazy! I think he’s up for Best Supporting Actor… or Best Actor.)

Leave your answers in the comments!

– KT.

PS – As a special treat, here’s some photos of last night’s show:

Jennifer Lawrence – Best Actress. 
Daniel Day Lewis – Best Actor.

The cast of Les Mis performs.
Argo – Best Picture.

Adele performs, also won Best Original Song.

The cast of The Avengers announces.

William Shatner and Seth MacFarlane.

Seth MacFarlane, the host of the Oscars.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane, and Daniel Radcliffe.

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