9.13.2019 Warsaw! (1)

Katie L. Mortimer has always been enamored with stories, whether legend or fiction, true or fantasy. Her father would fill her head with urban legends when she was a child, and her mother instilled in her a rich knowledge of movie lore and love of fantasy. All of these powers combined to make her who she is today: a writer, fangirl, and explorer of things unseen.

Now she wants to bring all she knows and loves to you. Join her on her adventures: spy some spooky sights and enter worlds that are entirely wondrous to behold!

Katie lives in a four-acre forest in Ohio where not everything is as it seems. She dwells in this mystical land with several cats, her husband, mom, and a lovable canine named Boo. She holds a B.A. in creative writing from Otterbein University. In the past, she wrote several human interest stories for Wooster Weekly News, various articles about Supernatural for Fangirlish.com, and her silly poem “Ouch” was published Otterbein University’s 2011 Quiz and Quill chapbook.

She is currently completing her first novel.





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